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Sonic Foundry, makers of the popular audio editing program Sound Forge, introduced a free beta version of Stream Anywhere, a new streaming media authoring tool, at Internet World this month. Stream Anywhere works on the Windows platform and lets both novices and experienced Web developers to prepare audio, video and synchronized media for distribution over the Internet.

What’s unique and exciting about Stream Anywhere, Sonic Foundry representatives said, is its flexibility to encode multimedia content in either the Microsoft Windows Media Technologies version 4.0 or the RealNetworks RealSystem G2 format. It also allows users to take QuickTime, MPEG-1 and MP3 files and convert them into streaming formats.

One of the appealing features that Stream Anywhere provides is complete authoring option from capturing video through the Web page generation.

Stream Anywhere features an advanced user interface with visual timeline for synchronizing audio, video, and metadata events. It also boasts a number of other convenient preprocessing functions that allow users to enhance the source media prior to streaming for optimum viewing and listening experience.

According to press releases, the versatile Stream Anywhere can capture video from digital cameras and video capture boards, making it an attractive possible solution for a number of Web-based applications..

Stream Anywhere also includes pre-defined, yet fully customizable HTML layouts that can be used as examples for incorporating streaming media into a Web page.

A free beta version of Stream Anywhere is currently available at the Sonic Foundry Web site at

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