Sony Announces Versatile CD-RW Drives

Sony recently announced two new CD-Rewritable drives, called Spressa, that incorporate the popular USB(Universal Serial Bus) interface and the rapidly emerging digital i.LINK (IEEE-1394) interface. The products underscore Sony’s drive to lead in the expanding audio/visual desktop computer market.

Both of the Sony Spressa read/write CD-ROM drives can be used for both PC and Macintosh computers. And the i.LINK drive is a hot plug device, which means users can attach or remove it from their computers while the computers are still on.

Both devices allow for users to daisy chain other devices to them to capitalize on port space. The Spressa USB drive can support up to quad speed recording and 6 speed reading of CDs. While the Spressa i.LINK device writes at 4x, and reads up to 24x. The i.LINK Spressa is faster and more versatile but costs $100 more than the USB Spressa at $499.

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