Sony Electronics announced yesterday the latest additions to its popular VAIO Digital Studio desktop PC line with the addition of three new models.

The newest wave of VAIOs include faster, buffed-up systems that offer attractive software and hardware features for the beginner and experienced users alike all at affordable prices.

The PCV-R522DS, as an entry level model, has a 466Mhz Intel Celeron processor, a 10 gig hard drive, 64MB SDRAM, 3D AGP graphics card, 8MB video memory, 32x CD-ROM, 2 i.Link (IEEE_1394) ports, 2 USB ports and a v.90 Internal modem all for about $1100.

The other two systems just go up from here. In addition to the features listed above, the PCV-R526DS runs on a 450MHz Pentium III, comes with 128MB SDRAM and has a 6x DVD drive for just under $1600.

The PCV-R528DS is a high powered beast with an enviable pedigree. Revving its 500MHz Pentium III processor, it can hold up to 13GB on its hard drive. Sony included a read/write CD-ROM drive and a 6x DVD-ROM. All of this for about $2200. Not bad for a full sized, expandable state-of-the-art machine.

All three of the new models run on bundled software packages like Adobe Premiere to handle all of the editing duties.

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