The big three camcorder manufacturers, Panasonic, Sony and JVC, each recently unveiled camcorders at the Photo Marketing Association Show in February with still frame capture capability and removable memory cards, marking a new trend in camcorder features.

Sony and JVC opted for all-digital models, while Panasonic went with two analog models that capture digital stills.

Sony’s model (DCR-TRV10) uses a miniDV cassette tape for motion capture and a Memory Stick for digital still capture.

Meanwhile, JVC introduced their model with a new flash memory format called MultiMedia Card(MMC) by San Disk. The MMC is sleek and slender; about 1/5 the size of CompactFlash cards.

The Panasonic VHS-C models (PV-L759 and PV-L859) use SanDisk’s Compact Flash system, which had until now only been used with digital camcorders. Panasonic will ship their new dual camcorders with 2MB removable CompactFlash cards.

With JVC’s introduction of the MMC that allows for ever smaller camcorders, it looks like the memory-card-format war is underway.

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