Canopus Corporation Announces a Hardware-based 3D Effects Engine That Offers “Near-real-time” Rendering

Canopus corporation recently announced shipment of Rexf/x ($699), a hardware-based 3D effects engine that offers “near-real-time” rendering of over 40 high-quality pre-set effects, including cube, tube, mosaic, double doors, spinning cube and environmental effects including haze and lighting. In the coming months, Canopus will offer additional effects modules that include more transitions such as picture-in-picture, titling effects and special-effects filters. The first add-on effects module will be available free to Rexf/x users in February.

Canopus also announced in January that their DVRex and DVRaptor FireWire video capture boards will now support Adobe Premiere 5.1. New drivers are now available on the company’s Web site (

–Joe McCleskey

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