CAMPBELL, CA, September 8, 1998 — Videonics Inc. (NASDAQ: VDNX) announced today that it has begun shipping MediaMotion 3.1, the plug-in software upgraded for use with Adobe Premiere 5.0TM including support for the new print-to-video architecture of Premiere 5.0. MediaMotion 3.1 facilitates editing for Windows users by simultaneously controlling virtually any VCR or camcorder as it selects scenes for automatic batch-digitization. MediaMotion is fully compatible with Ulead MediaStudio Pro 5.0TM and previous versions of Premiere.

With MediaMotion 3.1, the process of digitizing preferred video sequences is no longer separate from the editing process. Using Premiere's 'capture' window, MediaMotion 3.1 locates taped sequences and automatically digitizes them, said Kelly Thurber, Videonics' Vice President of Marketing. MediaMotion 3.1 will be attractive to the video professional and prosumer because of its timesaving ability to batch digitize, competitive price and ease-of-use.

MediaMotion gives editors the power to control camcorders and VCRs using easy-to-understand control icons displayed on the computer screen, or directly from the movie capture window of Premiere or MediaStudio Pro. Virtually any VCR or camcorder can be precisely controlled from inside Adobe Premiere or Ulead MediaStudio Pro with MediaMotion 3.1. The MediaMotion software and patented AV/Net edit control cable technology provide accurate and flexible device control of up to two sources and one record deck to automate batch-digitizing and print-to-video features.

Powerful Standard Control Features

Videonics' MediaMotion has gained popularity with important features including a control interface featuring an easy-to-use on-screen recorder remote control. MediaMotion includes the ability to print-to-video inside Premiere directly from the on-screen remote with insert and assemble edit options. International formats are supported with the ability to change the frames per second settings to PAL formats.

MediaMotion includes Videonics' AV/Net Universal Module that plugs directly into the computer's serial port. The AV/Net Module passes commands from MediaMotion to most professional or consumer record and source decks. The MediaMotion 3.1 package also includes one Dual-Headed Control-L (LANC) cable. Other add-on cables are available separately to support RS 422, RS 232, Panasonic 5-pin, and Infrared/Control-S (for record functions only).

MediaMotion 3.1 for Windows will be available in the U.S. and internationally through Videonics dealers and distributed in the U.S. by Micro-PACE Distributors. U.S. suggested retail price is $179. Current users of MediaMotion 3.0 can upgrade to Version 3.1 by downloading it from the Videonics Web site or by calling Videonics directly at 1-800-338-EDIT.

Videonics is a leading designer of affordable, high-quality, digital video post-production equipment for the broadcast, cable, business and industry video post-production markets and the home video producer. Videonics products include edit controllers, mixers, signal processors, character generators and video editing software solutions. Its stock is traded in the U.S. on the NASDAQ National Market System under the symbol VDNX. More information on Videonics may be obtained from the company's SEC filings, or by contacting the company directly.

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