Make Money With On-Line Video Distribution

How to use on-demand DVD distribution to make money with video over the Internet.

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Most of us know that certain avenues exist to help us distribute our projects; however, some of the more unique ones can help us make money with our videos.

For everyone creating video, now is the time that all the elements are finally in line. Whether the goal is to get it published, get it edited, get it online, or get it on DVD, the means by which we actually go about creating and distributing media has changed drastically in the last ten years.

There's never been a better time to be an independent video producer than right now. The reason for that is there were three main barriers of entry to becoming a successful video producer and they've all sort of fallen one by one. The first barrier was the cost of the equipment, but now you can get a really nice camcorder and edit suite for very little money. The second barrier was knowledge on how to use that equipment. Because it was so expensive, you used to have to apprentice yourself or take an internship at a TV station just to get your hands on the gear, but that's no longer the case anymore. The third barrier to entry was the audience. You couldn't get distribution very easily. You might go to film festivals. Your DVD might get picked up for some kind of distribution. But today, with the advent of YouTube and online sharing sites, you actually have access to an audience of millions of people right off the bat.

A new and exciting development is known as on demand DVD distribution. This is where the audience pays to view a specific product of their choosing through an online distributor who then packages the DVD, a cover, and its contents for the seller.

The first thing you need to do if you want to get into online DVD distribution yourself is to sign up with one of these distributors. On that site, after you give them your pertinent information, you can download templates that allow you to create the artwork for your DVD jacket and the face of the DVD itself. Once you get the artwork finished and you've sent them your DVD, you can also type in a description and set a price for your product while you're waiting for them to finish the proof. When they're done, they'll send you a proof copy of the DVD for you to take a look at and try out and make sure everything works and the artwork is the way you want it. Once that's done, you just simply approve it and it's up for sale.

Most of these distributors will have template files for cover art and disc images available. Once you have a design that you're satisfied with, you simply need to upload it and send the distributor a copy of your DVD. The next step is to customize your online store providing information and additional content such as pictures and trailers. The best sites for these means of distribution are Create Space and Lulu. Once again, here are some of the benefits of on demand DVD distribution in comparison with traditional DVD distribution.

Number one: No overhead for the video maker. The creator just simply needs to do what they do best and be artistic as the overhead and budget constraints are removed.

Number two: No need to buy large volumes of DVDs from the duplicator. Since the DVDs are made as they are sold, there is no need to pay for a minimum of prints.

One of the main benefits to self distribution of your own DVDs online is the fact that you have little to no overhead. These DVDs are produced on demand as people order them so you don't have to duplicate say 1,000 DVDs and keep them in your closet until you've sold them out. With online DVD distribution, they print them as they're ordered.

Number three: The video maker keeps all the rights. Retaining the rights to your project allows creators the option of pursuing different marketing methods and more liberty to do whatever they choose with their work.

An important distinction between normal DVD distribution and online DVD self distribution is the fact that the person that makes the video, the video maker, they get to keep the rights to their own work. You don't sell those rights to the distributor. So you can take those and you can continue to try to get them into film festivals, you can put them online, you can do whatever you want because you keep the rights to your own work.

Number four: Distributor handles credit cards, shipping, returns, and postage. This means that the headaches of distribution go away and the video creator can just focus on the video.

The distributor will take care of all of the credit card data, the fulfillment, the shipping, the orders, the refunds for you. Honestly, that's a huge source of headaches for anybody that just wants to make videos and sell them.

Number five: On demand cut is still much smaller than a traditional DVD distributor.

Another added benefit is the cut that the online DVD distributor takes is usually a lot less than what a normal DVD distribution company would take out of your project. So you end up generally making more money per piece as well as keeping the rights and not having distribution hassles.

Number six: Video maker responsible for own marketing strategy and expense. The promotion of the product now rests solely in the hands of the creator, which depending on your marketing skills, may or may not be a benefit.

The main disadvantage to doing online self DVD distribution is the fact that you're now responsible for all of the marketing and the expense involved in it. Normally the distributor would take care of that for you, but in this case you've got to sell your DVD yourself.

New and innovative ways to pursue profit with video are now surrounding creators at every turn. On demand DVD distribution eliminates the headaches, cuts the costs, and empowers the producers.

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