Advanced Video Compositing Tips

In our Video Bits & Bytes segment, Mark discusses Digieffects and some interesting information from CEA. Derek talks about Apple's iPhone, Adobe Visual Communicator 3,, Vodpod and Fablevision.

In our segment, John is back with some more Advanced Editing tips.

In this week's "Take 20", Jennifer and Charlie review a nice example of a well-produced corporate video called: "Truck light" by Steven Kehl.

In our "Hands On" segment, Andrew shows us some features to an affordable tripod, the M25 by Matthews.

Video Transcript

Hi, welcome to Tips and Tricks, my name is John Burkhart, and today we're going to go into, a little bit, about compositing, typically motion controls, transparencies, and key framing among other things. So, why don't you go ahead and take a look. Ty Audronid: In this segment we're going to be covering compositing. What is compositing? Well, it's just putting one picture on top of another. We're going to be covering terms, tools, and techniques in this segment, so let's get some of those terms out of the way. Compositing Terms Some of the terms associated with compositing are Size, Motion control, Transparency and Key framing. Size is simply making your picture larger or smaller. Motion control is moving your image from left to right, right to left, up or down, down or up, rotating the image. Transparency has many different terms associated with it. Alpha mattes, Masks, you can key out single luminance qualities or chrominance qualities, meaning color. Key framing is simply pose to pose animation, saying, at this frame I would like this to look a certain way. And this frame, I’d like it to look different way. The computer fills in between frames. Compositing Tools Now, you may have already created composites without even realizing, with the tools you already own, like Premiere, or Final Cut Pro. Once again, compositing is simply having two images on the screen at the same time. Simple cross-dissolves or title effects are compositing also. You can create more powerful compositing effects in those programs as well. But if you really want to get into the advanced techniques of compositing, you need a specialized program, like Maya Fusion, or Adobe AfterEffects which is what I’m using on a video toaster too. Let’s take a look at a project I just completed. So, you may have noticed that the theme for this spot used unique transitions to give the allusions that it’s all shot in a one camera movement. Let’s take a closer look at one of the transitions. In this transition, Luke, our talent, is sitting in front of the coffee shop. The camera slides across him and we end up in a classroom where Luke is sitting. This is done with transparencies, and more specifically with masks that are key framed. Let’s take a look. Here we see the original footage of Luke sitting on the park bench shot with a steady cam. You’ll see this yellow outline around Luke and his hair. This is the mask that we’re creating. Down across the bottom of the screen here, you’ll see the key frames. From point to point, creating a mask around Luke, that ultimately creates blackness, creating an Alpha channel, so that when we put footage behind it, we have a nice transition. Now, let’s take a look at another transition. This one’s a bit more complex, maybe because it uses all four aspects – motion control, size control, transparency, and key framing, all for a small little transition. Here we have our talent Luke, starting on in his office, using his briefcase as the transition, we go out to the parking lot, to show that he’s gotten a job, and how he’s got a girl. You can see right here the yellow outline, just like our previous transition, showing the mask that we’ve created around the briefcase of the second shot. There’s our transparency. Now, size control – you can see it getting larger as it comes in, and also, you can see cross-fade between the two shots. Motion control, size control, and transparency. ON Screen: To learn more on editing Techniques, you can purchase “Videomaker presents ADVANCED EDITING TIPS” at