How to Protect Your Video Gear in the Rain

Andrew has some rainy day tips to keeping your gear safe and dry.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Andrew Burke, and today on tips and techniques we’re gonna show you how to protect your video gear in the rain. Let’s go.

The first thing to think about is gearing up yourself. If you get soaked out in the rain, chances are you won’t be shooting for long. Make sure to bring a raincoat for yourself first. One with a baggy hood will protect your nice earphones, too.

Okay, now that we have you decked out it’s time to deck out your gear. This includes a camera rain jacket, microphone protection, and a good protective case. Pros will use a rain jacket made specifically for their camcorder. Using a rain jacket will let you shoot for much longer than you would normally be able to. The DIY approach is to use a medium-weight plastic shopping bag and cut a hole in one end for the lens to poke out of. Bring a rubber band to attach the bag to the lens. This works in a pinch, but it shouldn’t be used for a long-term solution.

You don’t want rain getting on your microphone either. If you use a lavalier mic try hiding it inside your raincoat. Shotgun mic is a different matter. A freezer baggy over your foam windscreen will work but not very well. Using a dry condom is best. This provides water resistance without potential rustling noise of a plastic baggy.

Lastly, using a protective case or bag is key. One that is truly waterproof will be best for long shoots, while having a water resistant solution will work for shorter venues. Remember, most hard cases are waterproof, while most bags are only water resistant.

Okay, this is Andrew Burke for Video Maker Presents. Thanks for watching my sunny rain tips here today. I’ll see you next time.

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