Extreme Long Shots, Close-Ups and Other Shot Angles

ennifer, Mark and Andrew demonstrating different shot types and showing you how to use them effectively in your video.

Video Transcript

Female: Hi, I’m Jennifer O’Rourke.

Male 1: I’m Mark Montgomery.

Male 2: And I’m Andrew Burke.

Female: In today’s tips and tricks we’re gonna tell you about shot lingo and how you can use different shots for effect.

Male 1: That’s right. We’re gonna have a fun time putting together a sequence of different shot types.

Male 2: Let’s go.

Female: This first shot shows Mark at the top of a long, lonely road, out of gas, contemplating what to do next. This is called an extreme long shot, or ESL or XSL for short. This type of shot demonstrates the long task Mark faces getting down the hill. We shoot him from a vast distance with the bluffs laid out before him to show how daunting his task will be.

Male 1: This shot is called a long shot, or LS as abbreviated, and it’s not as vast as the extreme long shot. The camera is place closer to the subject, but still shows a wide enough shot of the surroundings to make the subject appear small. In a medium long shot, you see the full main subject and the surroundings are less distinct. This is a good time to make your location change to the hill climb to approaching the destination as we were able to compress the time it took to descend the hill.

Female: This is a medium shot and is halfway between a medium long shot and a medium close-up. A medium close-up will show detail that includes your subject and another subject, in this case the gas station island.

Male 1: Close-ups usually include a person’s full head and possibly some shoulders, or most or all of a smaller subject. However, extreme close-ups may cut off part of a person’s head, perhaps showing the eyes or mouth only, or small details of other subjects, like a credit card going into a slot and the pump of the gas handle being inserted into the can. These are isolated shots, and if you edit them together sequentially they represent a whole of the overall picture.

Female: So those are the shot types.

Male 1: Let’s take a look at the finished video.

[Music playing]

Female: Okay, well, that was fun. For tips and tricks today I’m Jennifer O’Rourke.

Male 1: I’m Mark Montgomery.

Male 2: And I’m Andrew Burke. See you next time.

[End of Audio]