Power management for lighting. Secrets of story telling.

In our News & Technology segment, Derek and Mark look at a couple of “Off Shore Sightings” from Japan… JVC has a new Everio prototype while Panasonic is creating an A-V-C-H-D camcorder… Why are there no HD disc recorders in the U-S yet? Public Access in Hawaii on TV through the Internet.

In our Tips & Techniques segment, Mark & Brian look at Power management for lighting… And some good tips on the secrets of storytelling.

In this week’s “Take 20” Charlie and Jennifer look at “Duct Tape”… a commercial-spoof by the Perrysburg High School. See how one clever classroom came up with a rather unique way to use this multi-colored tool.

In the “Hands on” segment, Charlie and Mark discuss the Cal-digit external hard drive.