Reader and View Surveys – Still Pictures for Video.

In our News & Technology segment with Mark and Derek, we talk about Warner’s involvement with YouTube… is this the beginning of the corporate squeeze for the small-time producer? We also look at the multi layer hi-def DVD announcements and follow Amanda Congdon’s new vidcast adventure traveling across the U.S.

In our Tips & Techniques segment Jennifer and Brian talk about the importance of Videomaker’s reader & viewer surveys, how they help US make a better product for YOU… and they look at some nice creative tips to shooting still pictures for your video production.

In this week’s “Take 20” Charlie and Jennifer analyze the PSA “Open Door Home,” which was produced as a classroom project by Elliott Yancey, Daniel Ramsey, Erika Bustamante and Amy Potts of Mount Berry Georgia.

In Matt York’s “Viewfinder” he and Mark talk about ITV, and how videos on the internet are now making their way into the living room.