Encoding video, Code Cs and wrappers.

  1. News and Technology – with Mark and Derek
    • Mark at WEVA
      • Stock20–$7/song music library, 6 new entries/month.
      • Triple Scoop Music—stock by Grammy-winning artists, but at non-commercial lengths
      • Panasonic LCD field production monitors w/ waveform monitor, some HD-ready
      • Caseworld.tv
      • Disc Makers: new unit, silk-screen options for 300+ order
      • Teac dye-sub disc printer
      • Azden field mixer
    • Citi DiskDISK HD now shipping: 100GB $1,049; 120GB $1,195
    • Sony acquires Grouper
    • DivX Stage6 Product:
    • Apple battery recall, 1.8M 8/03-8/06, ibook g4 12 Pbook 12 and 15
    • Product: Capturing Creativity (Book) & DVD set.
  2. Tips and Techniques – with Brian and Charlie
    • Encoding video – CODECs and wrappers and failsafe mode in BIOS-what it does & why you need it.
  3. TAKE 20 – with Brian and Charlie
    • Four Fifty Two – Gabe Morin from Salt Lake City, Utah
  4. Viewfinder – with Matt and Mark
    • The personal joy of making video.

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