How to Clean a Camera Lens & Optics Tips

  1. News and Technology – Morgan & Andrew
    • Seagate: new drive technology
    • BenQ’s Blu-ray burner
    • Apple completely ditches CRTs—no more eMac
    • Prop: Grass Valley Rev Pro video drive
    • Withoutabox: online distro option
    • Rocketboom: popular podcast looses it’s face
    • Short Survey
  2. Tips and Techniques – Brian & Andrew
    TIP: Cleaning camera lens
    TIP: Using filters Part 1: hard filters
  3. Take 20 – with: Charlie & Morgan
    Take 20
    Reader’s/viewer’s videos
    Submission: “Utopia”
    Producer: Riley Harmon
  4. Viewfinder – Matt & Brian — Open Discussion

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