Multi-cam Shooting – Shooting Fireworks.

  1. News and Technology – Morgan & Andrew
    • New York Times Internet video blog
    • Warner Bros., Google, AOL all doing Internet video
    • ShopWiki paying for video reviews of product
    • BitTorrent sponsoring distribution for Duke City Shootout festival
    • CineGear in LA with Charlie
    • edible camera
    • Memorex Blank Blu-ray media + state of Blu-ray burners
    • Product Prop: Memorex: “Gold Archiving CDs”, “Lightscribe” CDs, and.. drum roll please… 1 “Blu-Ray DVD.”
  2. Tips and Techniques – Jennifer & Morgan
    Reader Question: How do I shoot a 2-hour multicam dance performance?
    TIP: Shooting fireworks
  3. Take 20 – with: Brian & Charlie
    Reader’s/viewer’s videos
    Submission #8 “Matt’s Lemonade”
    Producer: George Miller of York, Pennsylvania
  4. Viewfinder – Brian interviews: Matt York on 20 years in video making, (part 2)

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