HC7 Camcorder Has More Manual Controls

In our Video Bits & Bytes segment, Mark has video news about Sanyo’s latest CG65 AVC/H.264 Camcorder and some DV camcorder rebates from Canon. Derek brings us more news on StumbleUpon.com and iStock video, and tells you about a film festival using disposable camcorders.

In our segment, Jennifer shows new video user, Melissa Hageman, some simple handheld tips, and Melissa then creates a “First Week of Spring” photo essay for us.

In this week’s “Take 20”, John and Charlie debut the Best Educational/Instructional Video entry from our 2006 short video contest called “Alien Earths”

In our “Hands On” segment, Mark is back with a look at some features to Sony’s HDR HC7 camcorder.

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