Canon 1D X Mark II – Hands-on Review

Canon has been slow to bring 4K to their DSLRs, so we were eager to see what Canon has to offer in this space with the 1D X Mark II. This camera is now their flagship DSLR and has some very intriguing specs. We already mentioned 4K, but there’s a lot more to this camera than that. With up to 60 fps in DCI 4K, the ability to shoot up to 16 continuous photos, it’s an action shooters dream.

We really enjoyed using the 1D X MKII. It’s larger size is nice for getting more stable handheld shots, but some might be turned off by its size and weight. The autofocus is great, but we still wouldn’t recommend AF over manual focus in most video situations. It shoots beautiful DCI 4K video, and if you love Canon, you’ve been waiting a bit too long for 4K in a DSLR.

It comes with a big price tag, but the picture quality is fantastic. Something to consider is that for about a grand more, you can have a RED RAVEN brain, though you’ll need $3-6,000 worth of accessories for a complete RED camera system. It’s double the cost of a Sony a7S II, but some complain that those mirrorless bodies are too light and small. To boot, they have a short battery life and can have overheating issues. Although it’s not a perfect fit for everyone and is high dollar, we definitely recommend the Canon 1D X Mark II.

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