Magic Lantern: 5 Features We Love

Want to shoot Raw Video on your Canon DSLR? Magic Lantern is a free software add-on that runs from the SD/CF card and adds a host of useful features you won't get with the standard Canon firmware. Check out 5 features we love about it.

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Magic Lantern

I have been using Magic Lantern for a while now on my Canon 60D and I love it.

I rely on the blue snow for focus and the zebras and it's ability restart recording straight away when the camera stops after each 4 gig.

I rely on the sound bars at the top of the screen too as I use a Rode mike set up on the camera.

My favorite feature.

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I've used Magic Lantern on both a T3i and a 5DII, and without a doubt, my favorite feature is auto record resume.  When recording stops, it automatically restarts recording.  Only a second or two is lost.  This has been a lifesaver many times.  I would never shoot video on a Canon without it.