50mm Showdown! Canon L Series f1.2 VS Standard f1.8

Ever wonder what the difference is between those high-end L series lenses and the inexpensive ones? We put the Canon L series 50mm up against the economical Canon 50mm f1.8 testing focus, bokeh, image quality, and vignetting.

Video Tutorial: Mastering Depth-of-Field (Plus Members Only)

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Greg is a Media Production Specialist for Chico State University.


  1. Hi,

    Thank you for your review.

    I am not sure why the quality of this video is so low…
    It doesn’t seem to come from the lenses as both look almost the same.
    It looks more as if the upload was not a full HD. Would that be possible?
    I use a 27″ iMac and I see excellent very sharp videos on it.

    I really like your publishings. I am just concerned that this quelity doesn’t make justice to your great work.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Antoine Bonsorte

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