Micron Announces 5 Megapixel HD Sensor

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* Current & Yahoo
* Microsoft Soft soapbox
* Micron announces 5 megapixel HD sensor
* South by Southwest film festival
* Toshiba battery recall
o Toshiba says that it is not recalling 340,000 notebook batteries, and says that earlier media coverage to this effect were the result of early mis-reporting, perhaps mistranslation.
o Recall is on some third party batteries sold as options.
o NO safety risk
* Videomaker New York summit Oct 13-14
* Podcast & Media expo ? Sept 29-30
* The $100 Disney Mix Max media player
o plays music, movies, photos
o using memory cards with individual movies
* Disney tops 1 million in iTunes sales in first week
* )Implications – ATT TV ads tout 15min full length movie downloads
* )VideoEgg
* )Hard disk in Apple’s new iTV?
* Product Prop: Panasonic DVC-20
Low cost 3-chip $1500; diff from 60 (no XLR, smaller lens)

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