This is the Best Argument we’ve Heard for why Skill is More Important than Gear

We’ve been screaming about this for years, but Simon Cade at DSLRguide has put it into words more eloquently than we’ve heard in quite some time. Simon strikes down all the buzz words we industry geeks tend to throw around like dynamic range, aliasing and 4K, but emphasizes that the they all take second fiddle to storytelling.

I love this philosophy. Humans have been creating art for millennia. Are the films of the 1930s any less relevant than films made today because of their antiquated equipment? It’s easy to have gear lust as new and improved cameras hit the market, but odds are your audience doesn’t care if you shot on a Sony a7s or Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. What ultimately matters is how compelling your story is.
You can read Simon’s full blog post “Why I Won’t Buy a New Camera” here.