Tips and Techniques

Videomaker's Tips & Techniques are an easy way to learn how to make better video. Our instructional videos cover everything from pre-production planning and video production to video editing and distribution. Learn how to achieve realistic green screen effects, in-camera effects, as well as great lighting and audio for video.

screen shot of customize keyboard shortcut menu

Customize Keyboard Shortcuts in Premiere Pro

Using keyboard shortcuts is a great way to speed up your editing. Learn how to set custom shortcuts to eliminate repetitive use of the menus for the commands you use the most.

a fluid head tripod and a cheap photo tripod side by side

Head to Head Tripod Test: Fluid VS Non-Fluid

A fluid head tripod is considered an essential tool by most professional videographers. Can you tell the difference between a fluid head shot and an inexpensive tripod bought from a box store? In this segment we put two tripods with vastly different price tags to a simple test to find out.

videographer using tripod

Quick Tip: Add Energy to a Static Shot

Sometimes static shots work perfectly.  But when you need a bit more energy in your shot and you don't have the right abilities or gear for good handheld, you've still got options. Simply changing the way to use your tripod can take a static shot and inject in with a dose of energy.


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