Tips and Techniques

Videomaker's Tips & Techniques are an easy way to learn how to make better video. Our instructional videos cover everything from pre-production planning and video production to video editing and distribution. Learn how to achieve realistic green screen effects, in-camera effects, as well as great lighting and audio for video.

Applied Cinema Studies - Diegetic vs Non-Diegetic Explained

Applied Cinema Studies - Diegetic vs Non-Diegetic Explained

We define diegetic and non-diegetic elements and demonstrate how they can be used to convey complex cinematic ideas. Learn to better control the emotional and intellectual response of your audience by understanding the mechanisms behind it.

3 Tips for a Better Demo Reel

Want to know how to get the job? A good demo reel is a good place to start. We discuss the mind of the hiring manager and what you should focus on.

5 Ways to Avoid Embarrassment at Your Next Video Production Shoot

5 Ways to Avoid Embarrassment at Your Next Video Production Shoot

5 ways to avoid embarrassment - Client based video production. Client relationships are at the heart of good business. Being prepared is key to success. We show you 5 ways to avoid embarrassment and win favor with your client. A great product begins with a great experience.

iphone on an idolly shooting a guitar player

Shooting with a Smartphone

Letting a perfectly good camera sit in your pocket is a travesty when you could be shooting great video today! In this training video we show you how to get better video with your smartphone including mistakes to avoid, and tips on framing, stabilization, exposure & focus, lighting, audio, and accessories.

5 Simple Video Production Pro Tips

Ever wonder what makes you a pro? Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference. Here are 5 Simple things to help you on your journey.

Videomaker's Interview with Devin Graham (Devin Supertramp)

We're very excited to bring you this interview with Devin Graham, AKA Devin Supertramp! Devin tells us all about his workflow, how Team Supertramp earns money, why he's changed his primary camera from Canon to RED, his preference in camera support and stabilization and tons more.


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