Top 5 Essential Production Forms to Keep your Video Production on Track

Struggling to keep your video shoot on schedule? Need a way to keep your project organized? We know the feeling. Download the free video production forms below – the shot log, scene/take log, storyboard, model release and video equipment checklist – to help keep any shoot on track. You can shoot from the hip if you’re just making video for your own amusement, but if you want to get serious with your video, whether you want to shoot video for paying clients or create a movie for actual distribution, you need to get organized.

These professional video forms are designed for use by working videographers and filmmakers. They are free to download and use, so you can keep your video shoots on schedule and on budget.

Shot Log – Tired of wasting time looking for the right video clip while you’re trying to edit? Proper shot logs form the essential guide to your inventory of footage when you’re ready to edit. Record the precise times and lengths of scenes to make editing easier.

Scene/Take Log – Another essential tool in editing, the Scene/Take log gives you a better idea of where every piece of footage that you shoot should appear in your video. This is the form that helps you visualize how every scene fits into your narrative, so that you can arrange them for best ease of storytelling. It’s the best way to avoid plot holes and dropped scenes that could leave your audience baffled.

Storyboard – By using a storyboard you’re able to communicate important decisions regarding the composition and framing of each shot when it’s time to shoot. Everyone you work with will appreciate your professionalism when you use these forms: Actors will have a better idea of where they’re supposed to stand, cinematographers and directors will better understand how a scene is supposed to look, and investors will know that you’re a real professional.

Video Equipment Checklist – It’s every video creator’s nightmare to show up at a shoot and suddenly realize that you’ve forgotten some essential piece of equipment. A tiny slip-up can ruin your plans for a whole day, so professional videographers always keep a video equipment checklist to avoid this problem.

Model Release – Protect your hard work and earnings. Be prepared if one of the subjects suddenly decides that he or she does not want the video released. Don’t allow someone to hold your video for ransom by threatening a lawsuit if you do not pay them a large sum of money or give them a big percentage of the profits.

You don’t have to rely on your memory to plan and organize your production. These free forms will help you plan the details ahead of time so you can focus on making your video the best it can be.