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    Hey I just retired from filming football for the last 20 years doing high school colloege and professional games.I staretd in 1988 filmming and replauing the games on the local cable for 3 years untill the local cable was sold and the new owners made it most diffuclt to do when the coach saw one of my gaames and said he wanted copys for analysis which is when I made the stwitch to filming for the coach. So if the qualityis better than anything they are getting now you probbly could get the job by I mean can you reed the players numbers on the back of their jersys is it in focus and did you capture a wide shot of the whole team? The coaches need to be able to see all the palyers in every play. as afar as getting extra money form the games I had the head coach include a fee for a highlight tape in the fees that they pay at the first of the year and then when the season is over I make a highlight tape and just deliver a box of tapwes or DVD’s as is the case now to the players at the banquit and everybody gets one and the school pays me. by the way I still get former palyers buying game tapes of the past twenty years. right now I am putting a season to gether for two former players that are brothers for the 1993and 1994 season for one and 1998 to 2001 season for the other so the residule income of having contorl of the libiary is a good money maker by the way 12-14 games in a season goes for about $900 if yoiu are interested and most of them were shot on SVHS hopethis helps.


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