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    @Don. Don RUN or type fast to the nearest place to get Star Trek 09 the JJ Abrams movie. But the Full set with the extra bonus disc. Watch the bonus disc, the making of and effects, then watch the movie, then watch the bonus disc making of and effects and drop your jaw.

    JJ Abrams did nearly everything old school, from lights to even some exterior shots of the ships. Granted some parts were CGI, but MOST of all of that movie is old school. In fact before its release many in Hollywood believed it would flop because of the old school effects, guess what, after its huge success when George Lucas re-re-re-re-re-re-released the Star Wars set for the Brown Box edition he “borrowed” some of Abrams ideas for the last 3 but first 3 released Star Wars films, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Yep, George Lucas lifted some old school ideas from JJ Abrams.

    Some things in Star Trek 09, the Shuttle Hanger show when leaving Earth, that is an old Blimp hanger, the shuttles in the background are….cardboard cutouts, OUCH!. The “base” is an old oil refinery.

    The Kelvin ship is an old beer brewery, So is the Enterprise but they used the Budweiser brewery for that. When Kirk is trying to find Uhura and is running around with Bones in tail those huge stainless steel things to the left and right, are Budweiser storage tanks. They used flashlights for the lighting effects, yep handheld flashlights. And when the ship took a hit, yep the crew leaned to the left and right.

    JJ wanted to recapture the “feel” of Star Trek but update it at the same time. He did a good job. And it is one of the extremely few movies that is filled with effects that may of which was done old school. But keep in mind the space battles and some exterior shots are CGI. But watch the behind the making of and you will get your answer, they even give you the show how.

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    SEO is something I appear to have a talent for, and I do understand the importance of back-linking. is one of the websites that I built and manage, it has a near perfect SEO saturation of 4% and ranks #1 or within top 5 of all three major search sites.

    The only blog I would want back-linked is is really not SEOed and I try not to let Google, Bing, and Yahoo crawl it. It took me a long time to shed some customers, I can’t handle new ones.

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    @Shawn “and tell on each other” sounds like my mother. πŸ™‚

    I do hope you succeed at this. As I suggested, this is a great idea, and I sincerely hope it takes off and is a huge success. I have at times even considered uploading pieces that I have shot to my blog for ones to download. But as I tell my wife, I am not a gambling man when it comes to anything. I have tangled with the legal department of Microsoft, Apple and a few others, so I am extremely, highly and super gun shy. Fact is when Microsoft dropped the hammer on my little 2 man computer shop back in about 2006, I did not violate any of their copyrights or anything, just made them look really really foolish on that X-Box thing. They got really mad. I learned from that experience that large companies do not have to have a legal reason to squash you, they just do.

    So although I think you have a great concept and idea, I get gun shy in areas like this. I hope none of my comments offended you.

    As to the traffic to my blog, (BTW here is where I spend most of my free blog time)

    I could not keep with with posters and feedback. I get traffic, of course that is easy to monitor. I get more traffic to the Times-aarow blog, in fact many who read that have the Tasana site bookmarked and jump to the time-aarow from Tasana.

    If I had too many readers that posted comments or feedback I would never have time to write. I have posted some on my kidney failure here, and I mostly do these online things to keep my mind stimulated, and hopefully on the times-aarow blog someone will have the foresight to see one of my theories is correct.

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    I just above decent, but my wife is excellent. I may have her take a shot at it. Thanks

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    I agree with Earl on this, in fact here I am

    Shawn, I can see what you are hoping to accomplish with the site you are building. A vast community to share resources for video work.

    Some other sites that have accomplished that goal?

    Many of the people here do have their own blogs, where they post tips about their own experiences and tricks for making things work in video production. A vast video community of resources is a good idea, but in the end it may turn out to be the WalMart of the video resource world.

    Think for a moment. You and several others shoot some great stock video (BTW I saw one of the videos on your site is a “find” on youtube, I see copyright issues), take some awesome photos and upload some tunes. However their is no copyright release to download and no evidence trail back to the production of some of the uploads (youtube video find as example). But suppose the site continues to grow, you are obtaining a lot of “free” footage and resources, but as the site grows so does management of the site, and a host of issues WILL come up, soon it will start to rob time, you will need more “free” help. Soon ideas clash and then some words are exchanged, someone is “removed” from helping and then you get served with papers for copyright infringement because at the ground level no one that submitted work was required to release their hold to you or the site. In the end you WILL have to start charging a fee somewhere and at some point. In the meantime while your services are free, ones (and many are members here) that obtain a few dollars by offering stock video and music are put out of business or cannot update their files because you are offering it for free.

    In the meantime, those that are uploading to the community share site “forget” where they got this piece or that piece and upload it, then you learn that it is a copyright protected piece or a piece that is offered by someone here that is scratching out a living from a “pennies to pay” for their stock footage and now their stock footage is uploaded to your site and given away.

    When I first saw your site I knew it was a great idea, but when I dug into it and realized that ANYONE can upload anything and make a claim, I can foresee that you will at some point in the near future need some very big lawyer’s. When I see a post “this was a find on youtube,” and ( it is the uploader to share.

    My first concern after seeing that is if these videos were downloaded (or any part of) from a paid for stock site then reuploaded here, that is file sharing.

    I do think you have a awesome idea, but I do think you need to do verification of copyright and have the right for each piece of stock ready for download. If the uploaders were one or two people only and they obtained all the footage it would be much easier, but an open door policy to upload without proof is a scary idea.

    You state in your terms

    “it is your responsibility to take action and contact the offender – Videezy is not a legal authority and cannot act upon overstepped boundaries. Users – please abide by each artist’s license and desires. Videezy holds no responsibility for the use of the video once they are downloaded – we only offer the space and community for uploading/ downloading.”

    Stating this in their terms did not stop youtube from being sued, or Priatebay, or Napster, etc. What you have created is a file sharing site, and you are depending on the uploader to be “honest”. bittorrent was started under the purest of motives, but that past intent will not save anyone in court that uses bittorrent with the share setting open.

    I also think recruiting persons from here for the blog or for sharing stock is kinda like Walmart going into a small town and winning over enough small businesses to kill the rest. I know that is not your intent and it was not Walmarts in the beginning.

    IMO your site would be perfect with more administration and a fee, No one likes fees, but they are a huge help with honesty when it comes to file sharing.

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    @Jaclson, sometimes I feel a slight “regret” for the test class I was put in in the early 90’s. Had I been in another grouping maybe things would not be as they are, but then I look at my son, I passed this onto him, and most likely to my other son as he is now showing symptoms, and because of that paving they both have options that I did not. Of course they are both in their 20’s and never going to die or get as sick as me so I feel like I am talking into the wind.

    in reply to: Greg Kidney update #186777

    Well I did sell my video equipment, to myself. This is going to be a weird explanation. A close relative became aware that I was trying to sell my video equipment. She has had me do many projects, family friends kind of stuff and has always rewarded me very well. Anyway she called me and inquired, so I told her what I was trying to do. She has always been aware of my IgAN and as a self health practitioner has “doctored” me over the years, nothing that will hurt me of course. Once she heard what I was trying to do she was set back, she feels that I am good with a camera and editing and hated the idea of me selling my stuff off. So she made me a deal, here is the deal, sit down for this.

    She “pays” me $1,300.00, I keep all my equipment and shoot when I feel up to it and edit in my good times. If I ever try to “resell” my video equipment I own her $1,300.00. If something does happen it is passed on to my wife or sons. But I cannot ever “sell” it since it was sold to me.

    You all got all that right. My wife just looked at me and tilted her head and said “That is the weirdest sell I have ever heard of.”

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    dagunner has a point on the script. I have seen your reviews before, you have a good voice for it. I do a lot of public speaking and here are a few tips.

    1) DO NOT use a word for word script, why? If you use a word for word script you will “feel” tied to the script, you will have practiced it and practiced it and when time to roll, if you even forget a period, you will flub.

    2) Do an outline. In this case you have only 1 topic, that is the header, “Review of Item” becomes the topic. In a 2-3 minute coverage you may want to keep the point covered to 3, think in your mind what you can say about a point in 30 seconds. So your time limit is 3 minutes here is an outline

    “Review of Sandisk USB Stick”
    Brief Introduction
    Point 1- It has a convenient push out, pull in way to protect the connector.
    Point 2- It is a cool black and red
    Point 3- It is 16GB
    Brief Conclusion (Quickly review main points)

    That’s it, As to what to say with each point? Form the “idea” in your mind, not word for word, but get the concept and idea well in mind, practice a few times, but do not attempt to be word perfect each time, follow the outline not a script. You are presenting points as ideas. And as noted avoid over using words.

    The lighting appears washed out. I recall that in the past you wanted to keep the white background, that is fine. But the white can cause quite a contrast. So are you able to get some blue medical (static) gloves? If you have a friend that works in a doctors office or hospital see if they can “borrow” a pair of the blue hospital gloves. Wear them when you do the review. besides making it look really techie, it will allow some contrast color for the camera and may adjust the color/contrast for you.

    I have seen your past reviews and know you enjoy this and you do very well at it. Keep it up.


    Jack, depending on your NLE, you should have a selection of filters. This is an easy filter in VSX5. What NLE are you using?

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    When I first started to work with video and got serious I bought Pinnacle. When I got it home and installed it I was prompted about 6 times to log in and download this or that codec. When I tried to work with a certain format I was prompted I have to pay x more dollars to Pinnacle to use that codec. I called the company and nearly chewed through their head. In the end I got the code, free, but I asked why all this information was not on the box to WARN buyers that they were buying the door and not the house? I paid the same price for their box at (Office Max) as one would for other software.

    In the end every time I had to install it I had to get permission from Pinnacle to use it. They may have changed it, but it was people like me back then that pulled down that wall.

    I now feel a little vindicated. The company I turned to Corel and now use exclusively, and have about 7 of their products is buying Pinnacle. Personally if Corel has a huge bonfire and tosses Pinnacle on it I hope they invite me, I have some marshmallows I need to roast over their burning lies.

    I hope no one is offended by this or misunderstands. But I do not like Pinnacle at all and this is most welcome good news on this day.

    in reply to: Can anyone recommend a good analogue TV card? #199103

    Hi, the wording you are looking for is “Capture Card” I have an excellent brand called TVAnywhere. here is another brand from Newegg

    the price on it is in the $30.00. But to get the lowest price your best place to look is eBay.

    Now you will run into the driver issue. Microsoft caved to the MPAA with the release of Vista, in fact in Vista MS disabled all capture devices by default. You had to go into your Control Panel then into Sound and start right clicking, double time. Once just to make viewable, another time to enable. Even audio applications like Audacity could not capture computer sounds (music playing) with all the defaults on. Capture Cards were a nightmare to get to work in Vista.

    I Beta tested Windows 7 for MS and I was on the phone to them a great deal, my biggest grip with the Beta W7 was the fact they were keeping the defaults of capture hardware they started with Vista. I explained to the development team about low end production companies, myself and others. I explained that if they bowed to the MPAA on W7 people like me will be forced to goto Mac. I also explained that I had $100’s in software that wold not run on Vista or 7 because of the fact they disabled the many functions of capture devices. As the release of 7 got close I got a nice email from MS. They were enabling all capture devices in 7. But it would be with a patch. After 6 months and the release of the first patch I bought W7.

    My point, many capture devices are going to give you driver fits.

    A driver is the software that you will really never access, it talks to the hardware and Operating System and gets them to work together. You then have the user application software that acts as an interface to allow you to use hardware.

    When seeking for a capture card some items to keep in mind.

    1) There are some differences in a cards quality, so look for buyer feedback.

    2) These cards are nothing more then TV tuners. Some in fact are able to pull in cable TV. Some you can buy without the ability to tune in cable TV, (Mine not only pulls in Cable TV but FM radio) and they are by far lower in cost, and simply have a one channel tuner, the device connected.

    3) In some cases the software will have the ability to adjust the quality/sound of the tape

    4) you can capture ANY DVD/BD/Tape to the computer as a digital file. Using a capture card to do so does NOT violate copyright law. here is why.

    Anyone can copy a DVD/BD/Tape for personal backup use/use. They can never sell/transfer/loan that copy, it must remain for personal use. It cannot be stored on any type of remote device, even a harddrive that can be disconnected from the computer (external).

    The reason it is not violating the copyright law to copy this way? When you use a program like those DVD rip programs that you have to download from the dark side of the web (Not suppose to be hosted on US Servers) that program circumvents the copy protect that is encoded into the media. However the capture card acts as a tuner, the software acts as a TV screen. The playback device, DVD/BD Player or VHS etc. Is simply seeing the tuner as a TV. Therefore the protection on the media is never “activated” for lack of a better word and never circumvented.

    Now you will have some try to say this is a violation, but it is not. That is why the MPAA simply wanted the ability disabled in computers, there was no law that prevents people from doing it.

    So you may have problems finding drivers for Windows 7 in some cards. But they for the most part exist, you will just need to spend some treasure hunting time to find them, Also there are many sites where developers will write homemade drivers for older hardware to work with W7, these are not suggested but if that is all there is then it may be what you have to use.

    I hope this was more helpful then ramble?

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    Hello mogamb123, welcome. This entire site is a great resource for video tips and production tips. But sometimes we just need to know right away. So you are encouraged to post. One of the great features of this forum is you will never be redirected. What do I mean?

    In many help forums a new person will post a question, and almost all the time some one will answer.

    I found this searching the files in 30 seconds, or I found the answer on Google in 10 seconds.

    The idea and concept of a forum is to ask a question. A new poster does not know if it has been asked. Some people do not mind doing some digging first and that is also encouraged. But thus far Videomaker has been able to proudly say that posters are not told to search Google or the site directly.

    If a post does not have enough information or it has something to do with the advance settings of your tools it may be suggested that you read the manual. But when you post a question rest assured you will be assisted, and not told to Google it.

    Again Welcome and happy videoing.

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    Bruce is correct. I do not think they “projected” a video onto of them. They would create more issues.

    This is easy but very time consuming.

    On an NLE, set it to display 3 video tracks. Remember (in mine) the lower video tracks are the top, you are layering them ON TOP of each other, so build from the back layer up. As Bruce stated the layers you want transparent need to have the opacity set to what works for you, a value of 0-99% about 70% will give you the feel you may be looking for.

    The two ovals are most likely a PNG photo with a strobe effect added. NLE’s are great, I have 17 lines to work with, and each line and each property has its own values, but keep in mind you are talking about extreme advance settings, this is noting default and there is NO built in effect to “just do it” this requires serious work and time. and you will have to build/view/play/fix/build/view/play/fix….over and over until the feel is captured. Plan on some butt flatting.

    One of the worse effects on the mind of people, they see these effects (perhaps not Dennys) and think they are just an over lay. But I have done these and enjoy them but they do take a lot of time and layers, each layer has to be built by itself.

    Back to the ovals, if you are unsure what an PNG is Google that part, once they had the PNG picture in they did an pan/zoom with a single key frame. But you can set as many key frames as you want.

    What you asked is serious advance work in any NLE, but with time, study and learning can be done.

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    OK, Would I have to find each occurrence and do it manually?

    in reply to: Remove the Curse Words #177384

    Ya, I do know they work of the caption. Which had me concerned. Here is what I thought I would try.

    Buy the box off of eBay

    I have a DVD/VCR connected to my computer of whcih I use to capture VHS tapes and DVD’s when the needs arises. (Since the copy protection is not broken this does not violate the copyright law as long as I never place it on the net or give it away.)

    Then attach the box between my VHS/DVD player and computer and capture the entire video then drop it into my NLE and clip out the visual bad parts.

    A lot of work….HUM!

    May just do a better job removing my part in the movie and trashing the movie…?

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