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    Hi Dave,

    I shoot a lot of weddings and corporate gigs and have several higher end professional video rigs (Sony & Panasonic) but find myself constantly grabbing my AX100.

    If you have a little bit of money to spend…. I added a wide angle lens, wide angle lens hood, larger eye cup and put it on a CamCaddie Scorpion rig.

    That gives it a more of a pro look than appearing to be a prosumer camera and a nice wide field of view and comfortable rig.

    This camera shoots beautiful video – started with a CX900, bought this one to add 4K to the mix and have since bought a second AX100 and sold the CX.

    The beauty of 4k, whether or not you ever deliver a 4K video to your client, is the ability to drag that 4K image into your timeline and then do all kinds of zooms, pans, etc with the software. I can blow up a 4K image 400% with no distortion – with my 1080P video a 20% to 30% blowup starts the fuzzy image stuff.

    These two cameras are little workhorses and I probably do more than 50% of my shooting with them rather than lugging around my $3,000 pro camera’s.

    On ebay you can also find xlr adapters (Sony) that plug into the multi use hot shoe (I bought one for each of the camera’s) or an OEM that mounts right under the camera on the Cam Caddie for under $100 (Beachtek or??)

    OK, off my soapbox – I really would not trade either of these and always try to shoot really wide in 4K and do all my zooms, etc. in the editing phase.

    Good Luck Dave!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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