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    It shouldnt work… I mean, you would have to have a green screen in the first place behind your subject in order to put something on top of it. The only other way to achieve the effect is to rotoscope it, which can take forever(unless you use the roto brush in after effects).And if youre talking about a scenario when there is nothing, and you just want a chunk of green on the screen with nothing in front, theres no point, because you can do that on a computer without the hassle of importing.

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    It depends if you need the power of a really nice graphics card. I personally do absolutely fine on fcp x for editing all projects. It contains everything you need to edit video and titles etc. Unless youre going to be using a lot of 3d integration and vfx with a program like after effects, you wont need a high end graphics card.

    Im a mac lover, so I would never choose a pc now that Ive used mac. Ive been using a 2009 imac dual core 4 gb of ram for a couple years, and its worked fine for everything, but now that im into 3d and vfx, the 2 cores and 4gb of ram arent cutting it. I would say purchase a computer like this one:

    In my mind refurbished is always better. Its been tripple checked for defects and is tons cheaper! You might even be able to get a student discount with it. For only $999, its a lot cheaper than what you would get with your student i.d. otherwise! You might want to also get an external 1tb hard drive for about $150 from amazon… Also, amazon warehouse deals have also been really good for me…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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