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    Spotify doesn’t give you the right to use the music on their site just like how you can’t use movies on Netflix in your film. If you are upset over $30 for one song you need to charge your client more. If you like there are sites like artlist.io and story blocks that give you a year-long subscription to as much royalty-free music as you want to use.

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    I think you have gotten some great feedback. Please keep in mind. Your first video is way better than the first one I did. Keep it up and keep learning. Remember, the better storyteller you become the more of a powerhouse you will be. There are lots of trends that you will see come and go in the video industry and learning to use them or avoid them when it makes sense will really set you apart from everyone else.

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    Roger that. These video links aren’t exactly what you are looking for but close. At the end of the day. If you are dealing with business people they understand money and all problems and solutions have to show them how it will affect the bottom line. Take a look:

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    I think a lot of creatives forget that they are getting paid to make someone else’s video. It isn’t our video but theirs. At the end of the day, it is our job to make their vision come to life.

    Not every job you work on will go on the reel. In the industry, people call it: “One for the reel, one for the meal” or “trash for cash”. Get the picture?

    Please don’t interpret my thoughts as meaning you should never educate your clients. If you have a better way of doing something you should always bring that up as an option. But if they don’t like it don’t get frustrated is what I’m saying.

    As for ““lets shoot everything and see what we can do with it” school of video”. I would tell the client this is the most expensive way of creating a video. It coasts more because we spend a lot of time filming things we don’t need and then when we edit we have to comb through all of that footage. Time = money. If we did (your solution here) we could get a higher quality video for the same price.

    Hope this helps and best of luck.

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    If you click to monetize your YouTube video that is a way of saying it is commercial. Not checking it sort of says it is editorial…or at least you don’t want to make any money off of it on YouTube.

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    in reply to: Do you think this camera lens was worth getting? #72007941

    I agree, at f7 or higher, you might be in constant focus. Use your ISO to get you there. You can also increase your shutter speed and you will be okay.

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    You can also make your F stop go as high as it can so basically everything in the shot is in focus.

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    Companies like https://www.lensrentals.com/ and https://www.borrowlenses.com/ ship the gear you rent to you. Their prices are really good. They could be a great option if your local rental house doesn’t have what you need.

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    in reply to: Do you think this camera lens was worth getting? #72007878

    Sorry, I’ve never heard of a fly-by-wire focus ring. I had to look it up just to understand it. It sounds like the focus won’t even work unless the lens is powered. I really don’t know anything about that type of lens if it is what the brief description said. If you need to you can always rent a lens that will work for what you need. I know that isn’t what you wanted to hear.

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    A few things about autofocus. Not all cameras are equal. I feel Canon is the best at it…but not all of their cameras offer the same autofocus technology. So it would depend on your camera.

    Second, autofocus focuses on one thing. And if anything gets in its way who know what the camera will track. For example, if you have an actor walking towards the camera and another actor walks in front of them the autofocus will probably jump to the other actor.

    It sounds like in your situation, you will need to manually change the focus. The hard thing about changing the focus on a still photography lens is the amount of distance you move the focus ring is really small. Cinematic lens make it so you really have to turn the focus ring to change the focus. It gives you a lot of room to really hit the focus just right. Where with a still photo lens it is much harder because there is very little play.

    I would figure out where the action starts in focus. Put a piece of tape on the lens (unless you have a follow focus) and then move the camera to the end of the action. Get the lens in focus and then add another piece of tape to the lens. When you do your love move the focus from the first piece of tape to the 2nd piece. Hope that helps. A follow focus makes this a lot easier.

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    fritzlanglover said “I feel that there is no such thing as good autofocus and it may be an oxymoron, as I have never had seen a camera that can do autofocus when it comes to wanting professional quality work.”

    I feel some of Canon’s DSLRs are famous for their autofocus and in my case that is one of the only reason I purchased the 1DX mark 2. Keep in mind I own 2 cameras and I use them based on the task at hand. I have a handheld gimbal (Ronin-S) and you really can’t pull focus well on a rig like that. The 1DX Mark 2 autofocus is amazing and does a great job of keeping things in focus. For example, I was in the back of a car filming a guy riding a bike. His distance to the car was constantly changing and manually moving the focus and running the camera/rig by myself would have made pulling focus impossible.


    This was filmed with a Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III lens which is for a still photographer. I love that lens. The two zoom lenses I own are 16-35mm and 28-70mm. Note, I don’t have a lens that goes past 70mm. I would only use something like that if I was filming wildlife or something that I can’t get physically close to. Keep in mind that the higher the MM the more bumps in your camera move become more obvious.

    Guys like Devin Supertramp typically only use two zoom lenses as well, in addition to primes. 16-35mm and 28-70mm is a really good spread. How does autofocus work at 300mm, I have no idea because I have never needed to film with 300mm.

    As for focus, if you are talking about adding a follow focus setup? It can be done. You have to add a ring like this one to give your lens teeth for the follow focus to latch onto: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/839296-REG/Lens_Gear_605859_LENSGEAR_UNIVERSAL_LENS.html/?ap=y&gclid=CjwKCAiAy-_iBRAaEiwAYhSlAy9TEzYl-Ye5l7t4GqZealLdSWDBc2NKd_ELZGhlDRsT52Bdq-qPuhoCk5IQAvD_BwE&lsft=BI%3A514&smp=Y

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    What happens when you want to put it on a surface that isn’t flat? I’m not a vlogger so I would have no need for this and would rather go with the competitor due to its ability to work on any surface.

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    A few things. That lens is ideal for anyone looking to capture distant subjects. This will never look like a steadicam or a dolly or a jib which is what I thought was your original goal. If you have a Canon DSLR that has strong autofocus you can use that. For example, the Canon 1DX Mark 2 has incredible autofocus capabilities which is why people like to use that camera on a steadycam / gimbal.

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    in reply to: HD Clips for movie trailer #72007578

    I would just go without it. I don’t think it will make your movie trailer anymore legitimist. Best of luck

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    I’m honestly lost on the logic here. But it sounds like you are making it work for you so problem solved.

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