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    I really don’t think there is such a thing as a unprofessional videographer.

    what you are doing is just for fun, so keep it fun, do it for people you, and don’t think about money.

    if you want to make a living out of this, be professional, provide quality work, and charge accordingly. there really is no middle way.

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    yes, usually when a client says that, they did have a bad experience or not trust you.

    just say, we do this XXX weddings a year, and all of our clients are okay with. you are an established business with this # years in business and having filmed X# of weddings.

    and lastly, offer to give them maybe $250 to $400 amount on delivery, a comprise half way if you really want to book them and they are not willing to change their mind.

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    reformat to exFat. we do mostly usb deliver or online delivery. we charge extra for disc delivery

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    i think you should try to add more movements in your video by using slider, steadycam, and etc. 

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    Hi Helpfulhand


    We are SDE Weddings and we film weddings in Toronto. 


    This is our website:


    In terms of our strategy, we perform SEO as Jettiee mentioned. 


    We spend a lot of time blogging our content. we upload our videos on vimeo & youtube.


    We also spend a lot of time networking with photographers & wedding planners. 


    We don't really use wedding wire, that website is saturated, too many companies on  there already. 


    the most important thing is get to the first page of google. which is why we spent so much time blogging on our website. 


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    Hi Nenny015,


    This is SDE Weddings and we film a lot of weddings here in Toronto.


    This is our website:


    And this is our feed back.


    First of all, by no ways are we the best in the industry. We only been filming weddings for about 4 years. There are many people who are a lot better than us. So please take our advice as just our opinion.


    Video – Thumbnail 

    -from a marketing presentation, you can pick a better video thmbnail for your vimeo video. 


    Framing – 0:29

    is okay to have artistic framing, however, for exterior & establishing shots, I would usually try to have a straight framing & not slanted. (just our style, doesn;t mean is necessarily right)


    Video Quality

    -we notice a lot of video noise in your wedding video

    -camera gears & lenses are expensive. when you get a chance I would invest in better gears just to produce better image quality

    (footage in reception is really noisy)

    -low light is one of the biggest issue we face. 


    Using Sliders

    -one of the most tool when we film weddings in Toronto is that we use sliders.

    -there are some cheap sliders starting at around $150 on B&H


    Camera Stablization

    -I felt most of the shots you done were done handhelf? 

    -I would invest in a decent monopod or tripod



    -I would get a rode mic to attach to your DSLR

    -invest in H4N or H1N to record sounds externally




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    Hi Ryan,


    I would personally advise against doing destination weddings for videos. Only the very high end videographer/cinematographer will make money in destination wedding. 


    For our company, we film mostly local weddings. Same amount of work, same amount of pay, minus the travel, lost time, and etc. 


    There are many Filipino wedding videographer & cinematographer who makes a killing on destination weddings. 


    As well, constant travel will take a toll on your body. Unless you travel a preminum amount, is not really worth it in my opinion. However, if you want to explore the world then it will be a good way for you to run your business.



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    We work with numerous wedding photographers in Toronto. 


    One of the photographer whom we work the most, pays us about $250 per client we refer him. He is very honest and always keen to his word. We work with him about 10 to 12 times a year.


    Most other photographers I have worked with never pays us, and we never bother asking just to keep a good relationship going. I would usually say, if a photographer approaches you for refererral and mentions compenstation, then is proper to discuss the amount. If not, I wouldn't do it.


    In terms of other photographeres who brings us business, there was only one time where we paid a referral fee. Which was only $100. We did just as a sign of good faith and to establish a continue business with them.


    In my honest opinion, however, you don't want to build a business based on referrals. Is best to devise a marketing strategy to reach your intended audience.


    Instead of other photographers, I would try to talk to some wedding planneres, they usually have a better clientele to refer to you.


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    Hi John, 


    A few of our guys use the C100 as well. Is a really good camera, but is a lot less saturated than the Canon DSLR line. We had to spent more time in post to match the footage though. 


    SDE Weddings

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