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    There is “what they say” and then there is the “what it actually accomplishes”.

    What 24F or 30F do is they wind up giving you a progressive look to your shooting, and you get lower light shooting as you’re shooting slower. Overall it is my preferred way to shoot movies. 60i just winds up looking like the nightly news.

    Robin Edwards

    in reply to: capture Canon XH A1 #187722

    I use Adobe Premier Pro 1.5 2 and CS3, it works for both HD and SD imports just fine. I had to go to get a software patch from Adobe on the first 2 programs. You may want to be careful using the 24F setting until you have worked with the 60i and 30F and gotten them to work. Look for the Canon H1 settings an an alternate.

    Best wishes,

    Robin Edwards

    Producer, San Francisco

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    Hi Mark:

    The biggest complaint I’ve encountered with the HDD Cameras is the editing/codec issues. MiniDV has a lot going for it, Tapes make a good archive, you can switch tapes in the middle of a wedding when otherwise your HDD (don’t care how big it is) is full. Mostly, when you sit down to edit, your computer doesn’t choke on some strange file compression issue, it just digests the SD MiniDV. BTW I shot a VX2000 sony for a while and it IS a great camera. Maybe an HV-20 might be in your range, awesome HD, shoots to MiniDV and makes a good tape deck when you become more rich and famous. Me, I shoot an HX-A1 Canon and am continually amazed at how well it works.

    Robin Edwards

    Producer, San Francisco

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    Hi Rob:

    I’ve got the HX-A1 and shoot HDV on regular blue sony dv tapes, not the “spensive” ones. Never a problem in dozens of tapes. Notice that the stores are not even stocking the HD tapes as much as they did??

    Consider shooting and editing in HDV and then down-converting afterwards to SD for export. Here’s what I know from experience, Green-screen work is so much better in HDV than SD (sampling), Skin tone, and sky tone and blowouts are all superior.

    One negative I’ve read, but haven’t experienced is that audio is better (compression) on SD than HDV. Go figure.

    Robin Edwards

    in reply to: Newbie Canon xh-a1 Premiere capture question Options #188265

    I had the same issue.

    1) make sure both camera and Adobe are setup for HDV or SD. A mismatch is easier than you think. Maybe start with DV (SD) for both and move on.

    2) this is more likely, make sure all the updates for Adobe have been done, slowly they have been adding more to the ‘can do’ list. I’m not certain they are ready to do the 24F yet. So far, 60i and 30f work for me on adobe CS3 (mac) and my XH-A1.

    Don’t expect to get a preview screen while capturing footage.

    Robin Edwards

    San Francisco

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