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    My advice:

    I’ve gone to “film school” of all variety’s in this order: University/technical college/private film school.

    University: watching films in class/essays.

    Technical College: teachers actualy work in the industry, they give you good (sometimes jaded) advice. BEST PLACE FOR AFFORABLE ACCREDITED TRAINING.

    Private Film School: Massive $$$$ rip-off. DON”T EVEN BOTHER.

    My advice:

    you HAVE to start off as a P.A. first anyways, so get your P.A. certificate from an issuing college.

    Get the monthly print out of local productions from the guild,and apply directly.

    Whilst working as a P.A. you’ll be able to figure out, if u haven’t already, what job interests you.

    All jobs on set are union jobs, so look up the union for the job you want and follow the steps.

    All the best!!!!!!!!!

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