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    Ionrot, I just discovered Vegasaur too and it looks like just what I’ve been looking for.

    Vegasaur can be downloaded (fully-functional 30-day trial) here http://vegasaur.com/Vegasaur
    And Vegas Pro 14 can be purchased for $250 ($200 for cut-down Edit version) here, even if you don’t already have a previous version: http://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/index.php?id=496&L=52

    To those who say that one should write scripts in advance or do proper planning don’t understand that real life gets in the way of the best-laid plans. The last tutorial I shot was at a Montessori school where the instructor explains how to use the various equipment. One has to WAIT for children to respond and WAIT for equipment to be set up or tweaked or adjusted – it’s usually easier just to leave the camera rolling, otherwise (ESPECIALLY for the children’s responses) you lose vital footage.

    There are plenty of other scenarios I’ve worked in (usually live speeches, interviews with lots of pauses and ums and aahs, weddings, etc.) where you have to film over silence. And the job of cleaning up the raw footage to eliminate all the quiet bits is a tedious, time-wasting nightmare.

    I want to be able to set a sound threshold, click a button and have all these dead bits eliminated from the timeline in one go.

    THEN, one can go in and tweak the transitions or add in cutaways, etc. This is a much easier job (or at least more pleasurable) and is what editing videos is really about.

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    I’ve been tearing my hair over this for years. I finally found the perfect solution: Buy the Vegasaur Toolkit ($100, but you can get a free 30-day trial if you just need to do it once).

    The way to do is a two-stage operation:

    1. In View/Extensions/Vegasaur, select Silence Detector to create markers for the starts and ends of all the silent regions in the timeline.

    2. Now go back to Vegasaur and select Timeline and then Markers. Go to the Tools tab. Now delete the events defined by the markers (select Delete Inside Regions from the drop-down and you might also want to choose Auto Ripple to have a continuous stream with no silences).​​​​​​​

    3. I sometimes find it useful to have a little gap between each clip so that I can do some fine-tuning. Select Quick Properties, choose Selected Events and then the Placement tab. Then click on Side by Side and enter the gap time that you want to have between each clip.

    This product was the prime reason why I bought Vegas Pro as opposed to Movie Studio. I didn’t need any of the professional audio/video/editing features in Vegas Pro because Movie Studio does it all to my requirements But Vegas Pro can incorporate SCRIPTS (and add-ins like Vegasaur).

    Well worth the extra expense!

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    Rick, you're not being helpful and I think you're even being a bit condescending. I did yet another search after posting yesterday – and perhaps my subconscious thought of new keywords to try, because I've found a third-party product that does EXACTLY what I want. It automatically removes all pauses from a video track (or tracks) based on an audio threshold that you define in advance. It also checks for audio clicks at the trim points to make the cuts cleanly. This forum doesn't seem to be particularly helpful – full of people saying it can't (or shouldn't) be done; so if there is anyone who seriously wants an automatic way to remove silence bits from a video then please contact me privately for specific info.

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    Haha, for a moment I was racking my brains about how I would write a "macro" script to detect blank audio and then highlight the section and delete it automatically. But then I realised you meant to write a script that I speak from during the recording session!!! I'm afraid that isn't practical, particularly for live workshops and interviews; but also for my video classes.

    I'm doing a lot of things, like loading up a powerpoint or highlighting bits of the presentation that I'm explaining. So, even with a script, there would be LOTS of silences. And, besides, I know what I'm talking about, so I don't need a script to present my material.

    The only solution I have now is to employ a freelancer to "pre-edit" my tracks, removing the silences manually. It takes about 4-5 hours for each 15 minutes of finished video.

    It would be so very helpful if I could find (video) editing software that could do that automatically in some way. It seems such an obvious feature that I'm baffled why none of the major video editing suites haven't included it years ago…! In all my editing work, a substantial portion is devoted to cutting out the unnecessary bits of raw footage, whether it's topping and tailing, or removing (relative) silences. It's such a waste of time for a task that could be relatively easily done automatically.

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    I've been looking for a way to do this also. I produce training videos with audio commentary. In order to tighten up the commentary, I go through the entire video and highlight & delete all the bits where there is no, or very low, audio (with auto ripple selected). But it takes ages, because I'm also taking out the small 1/2-second pauses and hesitations while I'm thinking about what to say. A 10-minute training video can take me several hours to edit manually. It would save me hours if I could start by deleting all sections in the timeline where there is audio below a certain db threshold, longer than 1/2 second, say. Then I can go through and check the timing (and pauses) manually and simply tweak them.


    Sony Vegas Timeline


    As you can see, it's integral to the process that I remove the video corresponding to the silent audio sections as well. It's really no good just working on the audio, because it's already synchronized to the video. And the whole point is to find a quick way to edit out all the silent bits. Doing it manually takes me about an hour for every 10 minutes of video because I'm working on sections that are as little as 1/2 second long at a time.


    How can one do that in Sony Vegas?

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