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    SONYMovie Studio Platinum….




    Always use an off camera mic such as the Rode you mentioned. On camera mics pick up too much noise from the camera itself. For interview type videos you may want to consider using a lapel mic if possible. Which is the right type of mic and how it should be used depends on the type of interviews you are doing.

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    Electric current in the U.S. runs at 60 cycles per second. Florescent lights are notorious for causing flicker (and also audio hum from time to time)  The flicker effect is easily noticeable if shooting a CRT TV screen or a computer monitor. It will look as if the TV screen is slowly rolling even though in reality it is not.


    It can be very difficult to adjust shutter speed to match the lighting flicker, especially if you are after a specifc look.


    Sometimes shooting at 50i or 60 i will eliminate the issue. You can still convert to 24p later using the 2-3 pull down method.


    Or you use your own lighting to help aleviate the issue.


    in reply to: Making your own Blu Ray DVD cover & Disc Art #209210

    I use Avery labels, both matte and glossy finish depending on what the project calls for.  Most office supply stores such as Staples have kits that include a stomper (for applying the labels) and design software.

    in reply to: stablizer for Canon HV-20 + Rode mic #209208

    I have used the Canon HV20 and HV30 to shoot many videos, mostly music related.


    In addition to the camcorder I often mount a shotgun mic and a wide angle lens. I use a stablizer for virtually every hand held shot.  There are a few stablizers that will work well with this rig,


    Vidpro SB-10

    Flashpoint SteadyCine

    Glide Gear SYL3000

    FlyCam Mozy


    And I am sure there are several others. You can also find instructions for how to build your own if you are into DIY.


    Go to websites like Adorama or B&H Photo or eBay and search for Camcorder Stablizer you will find several that will do the job.



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    I use the SONY HD MiniDV tapes model DVM63. These are very high quality tapes and are not cheap, but then I have never had a problem with them.


    For just shooting family videos I often use the Panasonic MiniDV and they work well too and are less expensive than the SONY HD tapes.  But when shooting for a customer I always use the higher quality SONY HD MiniDV tapes.


    You can get the SONY tapes at many places inculding Best Buy.



    in reply to: Making videos from still photos #207172

    If i understand correctly you are wanting is both the motion across the still photo (Ken Burn's effect) as well as the actual transition between still photos (dissolve or crossfade)


    Putting the still photos into motion is accomplished by using EVENT PAN/CROP


    Transistions from one photo to the next can be accomplished in several different ways.



    Indeed most decent video editing software can handle this.


    I use Sony Vegas Pro, and it is quite easy to accomplish both of those tasks. I'm sure that Sony Vegas Movie Studio can also do this.



    You will need the photos in digital form and preferably at a decent size. I generally make sure that my photos are at least as large as the resolution of the video. So if I am making a 1920 x 1080 I make sure that my photos are at least 1980 and I often use 300 dpi or 150 dpi resolutions.  Someoene who does this all the time can probably give you more accurate information as to the actual settinga that will work best for your photos.



    I use Adobe photoshop to adjust my images to get them all the same dpi and approximately the same physical size.


    You can find "how to" videos showing you how to do thsi effect for most editing software packages. Do a search on youtube and I'm sure you will find them.


    Good luck!

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    Here are a few great voice-over mics.


    AKG Perception 420

    Audio-Technica AT2050

    Sennheiser MD421u

    Shure SM7b

    Electro-Voice RE20



    The RE20 is pretty much the industry stadard, it is the most common mic in radio stations and for voice-over. The SM7 is probably next in line. Niether is cheap, but they are excellent voice-over mics.


    The MD421u is less expensive and will do a very good job for you. The AKG Perception 420 can be found at some online music retailers for around $200. The AT2050 is about $30 more. Buth of those have selectable pick-up patterns and are useful when you need to record more than one voice at a time.


    You might also want to consider a used mic.

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    I have to agree with the other posts. Anytime you are dealing with music or a music related business, the music (sound track) must be superb, otherwise the folks viewing will assume your clients sound quality is not very good. Which could cost them the jobs they are after. So for music promo, you must have high quality audio.


    Even when we shoot live events we always take an audio feed from the mixing board and record it fo use in post. Often we mix the sound from the mixing board with audio from a room mic to capture that "live" feel while still getting a clean high quality sound.


    Definitely need to set-up your shots. Winging it is ok for one set of clips which can be used for B roll or cut-away shots. But your primary shots need to be thought out and shot well. Use a tripod, and when handheld make your movements as smooth as possible.


    Then in post you can lay in the audio track and pick and choose video clips that work well to tell the story.


    In this instance it was hard to tell what the stroy was. To promote a DJ you would want to show his personality, the genres he works with, his personal style, his equipment, and the quality of the sound he can produce. I would also try and show what size rooms he can cover as well. I think especially important would be the reaction that he gets from an audience.


    To do all of that would require a studio shoot and a live or simulated show with an audience. Mix those elements together and you can promote the DJ quite well.


    Keep at it, we all have to learn sometime, and often by trial and error.


    This could also be done with some lighting, by using varying color gels, or a gel-changer. Many intelligent lighting fixtures have this feature. On a budget, you can use some par cans or better still <span style=”font-family: Arial,Arial,Helvetica;”><span style=”font-family: Verdana; font-size: x-small;”>Ellipsoidals</span></span> (often called lekos) and have a couple P.A.’s swap out the color gels between shots, or with a bit of practice even while you are shooting.

    I would expect barn doors to be a help in controlling where the light goes.

    I suspect you’d have to experiment with a few different colors of yarn in order to achieve the maximum effect from the lighting.

    in reply to: DVD freezing using architect pro and Vegas pro 10. #195026

    I suspect that the bit rate may have been too high.

    in reply to: 2nd generation render better than a 1st generation #195086

    Are you rendering and burning to DVD directly from Vegas? I have found DVD Architect does a better job and I use mpg files with it all the time.

    in reply to: Processor(s) question #195248

    Except when using SONY Vegas Pro 10 I am not sure that it is reliant on the graphics card for rendering. Earlier versions fo Vegas for sure don’t use the graphics card for rendering, so I am not sure that a more capable video card is the answer.

    A dual (or more) RAID maybe. I do not use RAID arrays due to the difficulties in rebuilding a failed array, as most people use a stripped array for video because it gives you the extra speed. Only a mirrored array gives you redundancy though. To get a stripped and mirrored array that gives you speed plus redundancy requires 4 identical hard drives, and for most folks that is not cost effective when needing multiple Drives too, though some just use RAID on the system OS drive.

    You would be surprised at the speed increase you can get just by moving the Windows paging file (swap file) to another drive.

    I have found that using multiple hard drives set up this way offers very good speed even without RAID.

    C: system OS and software programs.

    D:swap file (paging file for some versions of windows)

    E:Capture and short term storage (sometimes called originating drive)

    F: Rendering drive

    For long term storage I use a hard drive dock and a hard drive for each client.

    Composite1 is correct when he says you just can’t really do video editing with a single hard drive. As a Vegas user I can also tell you that Vegas doesn’t like the swap file (paging file) to be on a drive it is reading or writing to. That means a minimum of 3 hard drives to start seeing the better speed Vegas is capable of, and 4 or 5 is even better. However with hard drive costs coming down this is not a huge obstacle.

    The set-up above works well for me and I do NOT have the new 6gb SATA-3, though I would sure use them if I could, and my next system will have them. Right now I am using SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3R HE103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA
    3.0Gb/s 3.5″ hard drives, with Windows XP Pro and SONY Vegas 9…

    in reply to: Who Has experience with wireless mics? #201270

    I’ve had very good experience with the Audio Technica line of wireless mics. The 1800 series is pretty hard to beat and comes in both single or dual mic system.

    Even their lower end Pro 88 and ATR288 system work well and I recommend them for consumer camcorder use.

    in reply to: Red Frames appear on Video #198240

    Red frames are dropouts. These are usually caused by either inferior or damaged tape or dust and dirt on the tape heads.

    Solution is simple.

    #1: always use high quality tape

    #2: clean the tape heads before use

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