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    Add in the Ex-tele factor of 2.4x (in video mode) and you have an effective crop factor of 5.2x rather than 4.8x.
    So your 100-300mm lens is effectively even longer at 520-1560mm equivalent …even better! with no loss of picture quality.  GH3 is fine if just the subject is moving, however if you are moving it does jiggle alot.

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    Research the industry, get ahead of the curve.  Just look at EBAY, guys are getting rid of the Camcorders and moving to DSLR.  The GH3 does not have a Mirror and it doesn’t overheat like Canon or Nikon. It also has great auto focus, and a lot of lenses, and you can control the camera from and I-Pad or I-phone or Android device, your Camcorders can't do that without expensive add on's.  It could do multi shoots plus you can take pictures after the event, and blog them on you Church site.  It has a fantastic Image at the 50Mbps or 72Mbps all-intra and it will hook up to Tricaster 40, however you need to get a Mini HDMI to component Cable connector.  Read up on it you'll be surprised. 

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    I was thinking why don’t you look into the DMC-GH3? It­­­ does excellent video and beautiful stills which the other camcorders don’t?  Plus I think the video guys seem to all be moving to the Mirror less Cameras for light weight and excellent photography and great depth of field Video. You can shoot at the very high bit rate which is really broadcast standard, so your internet shots will look professional. Heck maybe you can also hook up to your cable carrier. If the GH3 is too much with the lenses you maybe able to get some GH2's.  I'm just saying look into it.


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    This is a really crazy time for purchasing Video equipment, what worked in the past my not work in the future.  My Buddy who has a Photograph and Videographer business said his Prospective Brides have been asking about the Art of Depth of Field production.  You just can’t get it with that 1/3 or ¼  inch sensor.  I’ve been hooked on the GH2 when I got it a year ago.  I haven’t done any Hacks to it because I thought the Image was just fine at 30P at 24Mbps. However on a fast pan there was a little jello effect so slow and steady were important.  My AG-HMC40 was great for movement and Image quality with adequate light which I have.  Now comes along the GH3 with all the bells and whistles and at 50Mbps or 72Mpbs 60P (Panasonic approved and engineered) come on this thing should be taking off like a rocket.  I got one last month and I think it’s the way to go.  You already have the AG-AF100, and the GH3 has a grip maybe you can get the hours you need. I’m waiting to purchase that new 2.8 lens, however the 14-140 lens will suffice for now, it is a little heavy on the wrist though.  What do you think?

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    Worried Also.

    I know I was worried about the Editor not handling the MOV files also.  So I tested them for about a min on each setting.  The most stable playing on my HP provided software were all the AVCHD recordings I only used the 30P and 60P which all played fine lips in sync.  However on all the MOV files the lips and sound were out of sync when playing the clips?  This got me a little upset because I also got the GH3 for that Higher Bit rate quality AVCHD 28Mbps was also stable.

            I then just dropped all the clips into the Pinnacle 14 Ultimate time line placed some wipes and a menu with about 12 motion chapters, ( I doubled up the clips to make it about 12 min long.  When it all came out on an AVCHD DVD disk it played perfect?  I just let the software do the Worrying for me.  Still I may just ease myself into the 60P and stick with the 30P back down to 24 Mbps 

    I also noticed when I loaded the clips into Pinnacle they took longer to load in, I guess it's because of double the Mbps I'm use to.



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    Question? Why worry that the Camera with shut down because the senson got too HOT.

    I've read a lot about the Canon and Nikon not being able to shoot long over an hour non stop.

    As an event Video person, I don't want to worry about Ops I didn't get that because I have to wait for the 

    senson to Cool down.  My GH2 has shot a nice Wedding Video for my friends Son in Punta Cana!  With out a problem, and as an extra I got some really nice pictures of the couple before the event on the Beach in the Hotel etc.  They Hired a Professional to do the pictures, I think Mine are just as nice.  He showed me His Canon Mark 3  it was so heavy.  They use them to shoot video, however they have a couple of them when they do video?   They shoot 113 weddings a month!  not a year a Month.  I asked if they needed a video person LOL  I'm retired so I just do this stuff as a hobby.  


    If you are going to do film stick with the GH2 or the new GH3.  That's $1300 for the GH3 without a Lense.

    You can get the GH2 with a 14-42 lense for about  $700.  This camera blows the other's away even without the Hack.  You also again don't have to worry about the Sensor over heating, or a time limit.

    I've used it and it will run for over an Hour taking 1080/30p video with no stops.  

    This is a VideoMaker not PhotoMaker,  why do they keep posting Nikon and Canon DSLR camera's?

    They can't shoot an entire Wedding Ceremony without worry,  they always have two or more camera's

    at the event,  that is a lot of overhead. 

    The GH2 and GH3 had the Video Maker in Mind when they put out this camera.


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    Hi  Depends on what you want to do?  If you plan to do basic shooting of school plays, graduations, and Weddings.

    I would start with good basics like a nice Tripod maybe with wheels and a quick release so you can move freely.  Also a Mono Pod.

    Another small Camera which can shoot HD like a Canon HFS10 type or Panasonic any 3MOS.

    A nice LED light I have the Bescor Led-70 does a great job for the dance floor.

    If you want to complicate things you can get a wireless lavalier mic, have one hardly ever use it.

    Just get a good recording device like Olympus a lapel mic and place it on the person of interest then dub the sound in at Post.  Don’t know how many times the wireless system has a buss of some kind going right into the camera recorded sound.  That’s why it’s not worth the trouble.  You can get the Panasonic Mic for the camera or just use the Gh3 built in mic if its like my GH2 it will be fine.

    Also extra battery for GH3 like if you do the Church wedding and it’s going to be close to an hour you want to swap it out for the reception and charge it up

    Please have back up batteries for the Lights I have a bunch.   The  LED 160 works great too and it’s like 50 bucks.

    I’ll give you a trick to put yourself at ease while recording important things.  Place the small camera on top of the GH3, they have VariZoom VZ-Shoe Swivel Shoe Camera Mount. Align the cameras then start the top camera and just let it run don’t stop it.   Concentrate on the Main GH3 for zooming and framing the subjects. If you have to add the light and a mic you may have to purchase a sturdy L bracket.

    Also get a good wired or wireless mic to get the interviews from the guests.

    Keep it simple don’t go overboard lugging all that extra stuff, if your a one man show like me you want to travel light.  Concentrate on the subjects not worrying if someone is taking all you extra stuff.  However make sure you place it close to the DJ, away from doors. I also have the Epson 730 for label printing right on the DVD or Blu-ray get the to the Hub printable disk they have a smaller hole more surface area to place a picture on. Also an  i7 computer to do the heavy editing with a blu-ray burner.  

    Good luck you will figure it out in time.



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    Sony?  they keep changing models every couple months.  LOOK how long the AG-HMC150 has been around? The AG-AC130 or 160 are I guess its replacement. however they are still selling it I guess because of the CCD not having rolling shutter.  I prefer the Panasonic line of camcorders mostly because the batteries can be swapped between the cameras.  Now you have to deal with the weight, and holding it by hand.  Both are heavy and not shoulder balanced?  You should maybe look at the AG-HMC80 excellent weight balance for steady shoulder placement, plus it has beautiful image and color.  I have always said to Keep It Simple method of shooting video.  I like to go lighter, I love the AG-HMC40 just throw a little LED light, and use an L-bracket for balance and you are good to go.  I also use a wheeled tri-pod to give me a break then back to hand held and Mon-pod to get the dance sequences from a higher look down.  Have been experimenting with the GH2 it is really phenomenal picture quality and will shoot until your card or battery goes dead.  Not because the sensor over heated, like Canon or Nikon.  You can also shoot nice stills for a montage if you are going to need one for the video.  Most important do not miss the important shots, because you are changing a tape or figuring if it is running through the capstan?  The image in Blu-ray will blow them away and even the DVD-DL is great.        

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    I’m going to wait until the GH3 becomes readily available.  However where did you find out about the Sony chip replacing the Panasonic in the GH3?

        Well you sound like you are an accomplished film maker.  Looks like you also have a quandary of cameras to look after.  Again I have to get the shot the first time because there are no do over’s during the wedding vows.  I personally have a AG-HMC40 and piggy back a TM300 on top and run both start to stop.  I placed the GH2 next to it on a parallel mount just to see how it would do.  It was breathtaking plus it had the wider field of view.  I have 14-140, 14-42 stock lens.  My Buddy who has a Photography studio has a lot of Canon Lenses with very low F=Stops.  I’ll try out for Depth of Field when I get the conversion mount for Canon.  I guess we all can agree on one thing the GH3 and GH2 are cameras to be reckoned with in the future.  Plus they don’t have a mirror, which as my friend told me came off during a wedding shoot and jammed the shutter.   Canon made good on the repair something to do with the glue.  Thanks for all the information you sound like you are wired in.

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    Hi Scubajam,  You seem to have all the bases covered.  I was wondering if you are able to view your shots using the in camera view finder?  I think I read that with the Hack you can’t see what you shot until you load it into the computer?  How much of a Hack did you put on? and what are you planning to use it for, an Independent Film?  For Plays and birthday parties I find the normal 24Mps works fine again as long as you place enough light on the subject.  Again I can’t worry about the camera doing a freeze because some ceremonies run well over and hour non stop. I usually shoot my Childs School Graduation ceremony's.  


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    Good luck if you can find one in stock.  I've been using the GH2 and it is great for shooting long 1 hour video's, before the battery get to a low point. Swap out the old one and your ready to go another hour.  You can increse the record time with all kinds of options, just search on google.

    Got the GH2 Grip # MIG-PGH2RB from China will hold 2 batteries but it is an extra piece of stuff to carry around and really haven't had the option to use it in production yet. 

    You can go ahead and hack the GH2?, I like the 24Mps, it is steady in my editor no problems producing beautiful Blu-rays. The GH3 is a little heavier and bigger?  If you are carying it around hand held for a long time, lighter is better the GH2 meets that requirement.  Now if you are going to be an Independent Film maker? I guess you should get the GH3 to help with the elements as you shoot on the steets in all kinds of weather.  

    Sidenote: Canon Mark2 or Mark3.  Why would anyone want to subject themselves to a camera that may overheat! after 30 min or have to hit the stop then start when it reacher the 4gig mark 30min. max record. Then mayber put cold packs around the side of the camera to keep it cool? Not woth the time or energy for a marginally better picture? maybe in the eye of the beholder.   The GH2 will run and run for all your Kids plays, or Weddings or birthday parties non stop, and no problems and beautiful Image.  I would try the GH3 because of it's Video Bitrate 50Mbps (72Mbps ALL-I) record option for the better detail.   

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