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    Earl, thanks so much for your explaination. Im taking this to my local radio shack and get the splitter. Hope this works, if worse comes

    to worse, I may have to go to the single screen. Im not quite the pro yet, but places like videomaker forums realy help things along.

    Thanks again!!!


    in reply to: I need to show my DVD #183318

    I learned alot from this experience, one being not to depend on others who say they will do it for ya! Next time, I’ll bring the amp.

    Meanwhile, I bought a DLP projector. Will connect it to the amp.

    in reply to: Free stock footage #171564

    I’m new at some of the terms. Can you please explain what ‘stock footage’ is?

    in reply to: so a Mac it is, but now which one? #171592

    I just got the new iMac. Havent gotten my hands on it yet, except for in the store.
    I think I’m going to be very happy with it.

    in reply to: What type of videomaker are you? #171475

    This is a great way to find out what others do…
    I’m off and running doing weddings and special events. I love the editing part of it as it brings out
    my creativity. I have a real job where I sit most of the day, even tho I love what I do, it’s good to have something else a little more challenging and fun. THe rewards are when I show the wedding
    to a living room full of of family or friends, the compliments. And when someone says,"WOW! I can’t believe what you did with this! Its awesome!" All the hard work and hours until 3am is worth it.
    For anyone looking to do more networking, go on line and look for a videographers association.
    I did and I cant tell you how much they helped me!

    in reply to: trying to buy a system and not go broke… #171585

    The previous posts covered alot, but may I add mine? I used Pinnacle Studio 10.7 on a custm built PC and I can’t believe after 3 years I’m here to tell you about it. First of all, Pin. Studio is quirky, buggy, and completely unstable. After having it lose 3 major projects, I uninstalled it. Meanwhile, I had found a great videographers assn on line, NOVA, and they were amazing at giving me the info I needed
    about how to chose. I would recommend to anyone to go online and find an association like this.
    It’s a networking and support group. Anyhoo, he yanked my head out from the guilotine and suggested I get on over the Apple store and get some input. He was right. The help in amazing! They are knowledgable and patient. Currently I am waiting for the delivery of my new baby, the iMAC, which will have iMovie and the gbs to load FC when I want. They also have one-to-one
    classes. For 99 bucks, you can go in there for an hour and they will walk you thru anything you need to learn. An answer to my prayers. I had been searching every college and night class to learn
    some editing software. Most classes are all on media. (too techie for what I need). THe Apple store
    is there for ya, man! I cant wait to get started. I shoot my first wedding in 2 weeks!
    I’d never go back to the PC for editing.
    Good luck!

    in reply to: What editing software program for a new Dell? #171521

    Thanks to you who responded. Just so you know, I’m waiting for my new iMac to be delivered.
    I also signed up for classes thru the Apple store for one on one where they will show you everything
    you need to know. They teach Final Cut and Adobe if you need. Thanks Endeavor for great advice.
    I see you here often, keep up the good work for everyone else. We need each other in tough times!

    in reply to: Mac or PC?? #171547

    Thanks to all who responded! Your input has been tremendously helpful!
    Some things I have heard before and many other issues I was unaware of!
    You are all a wonderful support system, and thanks to VM Mag for this forum.
    Happy ediiting, All!

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