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    If i were you, here is my plan:

    1. find a video editor supported PIP – Picture in picture

    2. create a picture with suitable size like 30*30, input website as logo, save it in pc

    Then you have 2 options:

    a. you want to keep 300 videos seperately after added logo

    b. you want to integrate them to one

    If you pick up the first option, there is no shortcut but to add the logo picture you crea ted to the video clip one by one, using picture in picture function and then move it to the bottom right.

    If you pick up the second, it's much easier for you. Add them all to video editor and them save it as one. Generally speaking, it will integrate them all automatically if you choose the right video editing tools. Then reopen this integrated video again, insert the logo picture, drag it from the start to the end with duration. Then all your whole video will have logo in the bottom right.



    After googled Final Cut Express 4, i found this criticism "

    • No native support for AVCHD and transcoding facilities (AIC) limited to files from attached cameras only" (Check You have 2 options:
    • 1. find a suitable video editing software which can edit AVCHD
    • 2. convert AVCHD to another stuitable format like MP4 then edit with Final Cut Express 4
    in reply to: “overlap” effect in Movie Maker? #211225

    I think you need multi-screen function (i.e. Picture-in-picture or overlap effects like you mentioned), which means you can compose like 2 or more screens to play your music videos at the same time.  However, Windows Movie Maker can't make it. There are multiple free video editors like imovie can support this effect. Check more free video editing software here:, please just ignore WMM.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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