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    personally, i think that the 60D is a better option than the 7D considering the cost difference…

    First of all, the the 60D has a flip out LCD which is nice when you’re not spending the money on monitors and whatnot (which i’m guessing your not), but also the LCD is higher resolutions & slightly better color depth, has manual audio controls, a longer battery life, weighs slightly less, and cost about $600 less.

    The advantages of the 7D: it has dual processors which allows it to use some of that power to control noise at higher ISOs (for low light shooting) and it’s also weather sealed.

    Now, if you were planning on using the camera for photography, I’d list off a bunch of other advantages of the 7D (which would make it the obvious choice), but as far using the HDSLR for video, those are the only differences.

    So try to talk him into the 60D πŸ™‚ Then start collecting some lenses for full frame sensors and some day upgrade to full frame HDSLR like the 5D MKII or the new 5D MKIII…

    in reply to: Audio ideas for groom without jacket? #195922

    thanks charles and lmvp! so glad you said something about the possibility of raining. i think they will be having the wedding at an alturnitive location if it looks highly likely to rain but i need to be prepared in case we get surprised…

    and i’ll definitely let them know about the difficulty of capturing audio in this setting…he’ll understand. i actually know the groom. he told me the pastor will be wearing a jacket unless it’s super hot.

    in reply to: First Wedding Demo Video #195796

    @EarlC your on to something here. I was actually just thinking about this the other day–making some sort of video that would promote wedding video in general. I work for a video studio part-time where we do weddings and various other video projects, and when I first started there I thought the weddings were kind of fun, kind of cool, and definitely a place to explore creativity where the general public doesn’t necessarily expect it. But after working there for a while and doing a fair share of weddings (both shooting and editing) I’ve realized that I love it! And on top of that I got married this last August and of course we had the studio I work for do our wedding and I can’t imagine not having that keepsake. In my opinion wedding video should be one of the top 5 things considered when planning a wedding (I’d even place it over photography…if the budget came to cutting something that is). Unfortunately the general public doesn’t see it that way…hence my consideration of the wedding video promo.

    in reply to: Wireless lavalier(s) or use the field recorder? #177098

    I’ve been reading though many of the forums here and have found a ton of helpful information from many of the members and from EarlC (thanks!), but here’s my situation that I haven’t found an exact answer for or product to look at.

    I’m going to be shooting a buddy’s wedding and I’m planning on using a Tascam DR-40 handheld recorder on stage with the mics set in A/B configuration for some ambient recording of musicians and then plugging another mic into the XLR on the other channel for additional sound near the pastor and couple. I also want to put a handheld recorder in the groom’s coat pocket with a wired lavaliere.

    EarlC posted that he had used this method (wired mic with handheld recorder) and I’m just not sure what compact recorder I should look at (Tascam DR-05?) and more importantly what lavaliere will work with whatever recorder is recommended. Is this the lavaliere you keep mentioning @EarlC?


    Also, any suggestions for the additional mic on stage going into the Tascam DR-40 would be greatly appreciated. And on that note anyone have any experience with the Tascam DR-40…seems like a great little recorder with lots of functionality and it’s priced wonderfully on BH at the moment.

    And lastly, how does this setup sound? Do you think it’d work well for capturing good audio? I will be using thePlural Eyes softwareto sync that @jackwolcott mentioned above.

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