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    I am NOT a video/film person at all. Not in the industry… only have the desire to be in my mid-life stage. However, after being heavily involved in the computer industry I can share a commonality.

    There are three basic types of people who are in any given industry.

    1. The Gifted (the 0.1% of the 1%)
    2. The talented (Lets say the top 10%)
    3. Themediocre(The rest)

    I have worked along side the Gifted and let me just say… with these people school or no school just doesn’t matter. They know who they are and so does everyone else. If you think you are one of them… you are not. These people are not common and they don’t have to consider their talent as it blazes forth.

    The Talented can benefit from schooling. This is where they can learn about the history of the industry and how the industry has gotten where it is (techniques, best practices, ect…). They then take that ‘eduction’ and simply build upon it by being talented andinnovative. They can get away with not going to school simply by being able to absorb the industry knowledge by doing. The lack of a formal eduction does not stop them (so long as the industry in question does not require it.).

    The final set of people are the definite mass. The can be great contributors… but they will never shine like the others. They can have brief moments that make them noticed, but again… they don’t do so on a regular basis. These are the people who require the most educational experience.

    So in the end you need to know where you stand. It is true that things are not this black and white.

    Just my observations… so don’t shoot me for seeing the world this way πŸ˜‰

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