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I got started into video editing and recording a few years ago. My youngest son became very well none world wide for play Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare on Xbox. He received a ton of request from other players on how to play the game better and we created a YouTube page and I started recording his game play and uploading it. That turned into he and I making videos in HD for a site that wanted videos made just for them. During all that, I started to get request from other players, asking how I captured, edited and then posted the videos. That lead me to create my on YouTube site showing editing programs, "how to's" and how to upload to YouTube. After a while both my son and I moved away from the game videos. Recently I have been drawn back to making videos. My project are still "how to's" but are centered around different activities. I'm working toward a series on hand loading ammunition, more editing and software review videos, a outdoor series about camping, fishing, hiking, hunting,etc and a commentary series called Morning Coffee. So now with this new start, going in a different direction, Im full of questions. I have never had to use a camcorder of video camera, just webcams for footage, some I full of questions and hoping that this will be the community where I can share what I know and you folks can help me with my questions.


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