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    Just want to say that Studio 9 plus is a great product and I have no syncing problems. I do capture in elements using an ADS box and I capture in AVI. I then open the file in studio, do all my edits in AVI and then render as MPEG.

    My experience tells me that your capture box can have some effect on whether things stay in sync and also, when I captured in MPEG, I seemed to have more problems with things staying in sync after editing.

    I also have Ulead Video Studio 9, Cyberlink Power Director 4, Roxio Easy Media Creator – but I like Studio the best. It has more features and is easiest to work with. It does crash now and then but it auto saves from the point of the crash so it is not so bad.

    As for making DVD’s, I use DVD it. I have tried the DVD making within all the software as well as Nero, Ulead Movie Factory and I find all of them to be flakey. DVDit by Sonic works great and is a professional program.

    As for Studio 10, I ordered it and it is on the truck but I will not attempt to load it a this time. If you look at the posts on Pinnacle’s sight, there is noone saying anything good about it – it has too many bugs right now. They will have patches for everything eventually, and at that point it will probably be a great product, but for now it will sit on the shelf. They have made a very major change this time and released it too soon. Don’t buy it yet but if you can get a good deal on 9 Plus, I say go for it.

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