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    Yes, your mac will handle flawlessy all that:
    Pro video editing (FCP, Avid…)
    Pro music production (Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Nuendo….)
    Pro Graphic editing (Photoshop, Cinema 4D…)
    The best web surfing experience: safari
    Work with windoze docs (office.Mac)
    Best networkable machines (connects to windows, unix, linux and more flawlessy)
    In other words:

    As far as you don’t want to lose time and patiente, go for a Mac

    in reply to: Synthetic v. Natural #174825

    If you really want an orchestral sound, no sampler is able to recreate it for a film. It would be cheap as a p**n film.
    If you can’t afford an orchestra, simply put POP music that can be done in a computer.

    in reply to: Redoing Natural Sound Effects? #174858

    It depends.
    You can recreate sounds as far as you don’t have live dialog.
    Anyway use your ears. If it sounds good, don’t lose time.
    And remember that recreating sounds is not as easy as could seem. You have to mantain the REFLECTIVE CONTINUITY. A large room could need some reverb, and the same reverb for everything in that room, unless you want to experiment.

    in reply to: best for voice recording??? #174712

    I use a Rode NT1A and Logic Pro

    in reply to: HDR-FX1 Vs AG-HVX200 #191689

    For a wedding, the Sony is enough.
    But as soon as you want to do a (REAL) slowmotion, or you have anything that MOVES in the picture, i recommend you to buy the Panasonic.
    I used both, Sony has only 1080i, instead Panasonic (which is a Varicam) has 1080p, and all others. It’s the only camera at this price featuring the 1080p resolution at 50Hz for an amazing slowmotion.
    Not to mention the colors, and the lens.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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