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  • in reply to: How do you manage the micro-manager client? #208752

    type your "how to get Free stuff" and "you don't need to pay for this" lists on paper.
    place paper on a sturdy cabinate.
    set an empty aquarium on top of the paper. fill with water.
    when clients try to micro manage, or bilk you for freebies… offer to hold thier head inside aquarium so they can read your terms.

    in reply to: Need a good setup for shooting 3D under $1000 #208334

    i don't use anything fancy… just a clacker or clap at the beginning and end points and use the audio spikes to sync inpost.

    in reply to: Need a good setup for shooting 3D under $1000 #208284

    cheapest off the shelf solution will be go-pro's 3d rig….

    here's what I use for 3d shooting…
    2 flip cams (you could use any of these types of cameras)
    2 sony sr-12's
    and Go-pro's 3d software.


    in reply to: Blurring out background – Tele setting #204481

    move back as far as possible and zoom in with your telephoto setting on the lens.
    if needed you can either dim the lighting or add a nd filter or cp filter and that should force the camera to open to the widest aperture on the lens …. the combination of telephoto lens and wide aperture will give you the shallowes dof effect possible on your camera…

    in reply to: Hollywood’s Waning Creativity #204176

    I am trying to buy an old theatre so I can fix it up and open it indie filmmakers to show thier films and  hopefully make money….
    see this this failing in Hollywood and greed by the big studios as an opening doorway.
    We don't need big studio support to make a film anymore… we don't need them to distribute any more…. why do we still believe we need them to have our work shown in theatres?

    in reply to: What can I do to improve my video? #204056

    I much prefer this to any of the Twilight saga.

    in reply to: Can some body help a new director please ? #204038

    I have invented a new job.

    Set Ninja.

    Job description:
    if I ever make a cutty throaty motion accross my neck with my pointy finger… the set ninja is expected to pop out of nowhere and kill whomever just pissed me off then disappear out of my frame so as to not ruin my shot.
    I’ll reimburse for as many throwing stars as you need, but must supply own katana…
    please forward resume to….

    in reply to: How much to charge for use of amature footage #203878

    personally, I’d ask them what they are offering and just take it. you’re talking about getting paid a little something for something you’ve essentially already given away for free on youtube.. unless the video footage has some incredible value to thier production and they stand to get filthy rich off it, there is no point in being tough with the negotiating..

    in reply to: The differences between video production & film-making #203965

    more fun?
    the which ever one that has:

    client that pays on time…

    actors and crew that show up on time….

    production that have one and ONLY one Director, and a producer that does thier job.

    in reply to: New pc – huge rendering times……please help #203930

    probably a corrupted sector on your hard drive or defective ram module…

    run some systems and disc checks on your hardware…

    maybe get that “windows” virus removed and try linux?

    in reply to: Light meters #204031

    to do that type of lighting you’d need to study up on three things…

    incident light readings

    reflected light readings

    ansel adams zone system

    then take that knowledge and apply it to lighting for video…
    requires learning your cameras exposure system and manual setting as well.
    you need to know the minimum light levels before noise/grain appears then adjust your lights to get tones from solid black to solid white…

    in reply to: Tungsten Lighting vs. Smoke Alarms #203849

    I’m with Paullears on this one… the building safety stuff is not to tampered with.

    rent or buy cooler lights is the best option. the second best option is to have your equipment fitted with cooling fans.
    remember cooling fans make noise both acoustically and electrical/radio noise that your audio equipment may pick up. but if those fans cool the lights and redirect the heat away from the smoke detectors, you may be able to shoot with hot lights. Mount the fans to the lights and test. Before shooting on the job.

    in reply to: Travel & Documentary camcorder help #204005

    I think you might be looking into the 4/3′ system cams or other mirrorless cameras.

    another option would be Pentax d-slrs as they come weathersealed and are very small compared to yoour canon.
    a pentax k-5 with weathersealed lens and a hotshoe mount mic might just be what you need.


    not finding it to be an issue.

    in reply to: So many basic mistakes in Hollywood? #203839

    look at it this way…

    As a photographer I usually get between 1/1000 of a second to 30 seconds to capture the shot…
    As a videographer I get up to an hour….

    But the viewer can sit on their ass for the next thirty years looking for things to complain about…

    either way I have deadlines to meet, and other people to work with or rely on as subjects, or clients or staff.
    Time is money and if the cost of fixing a mistake outweighs the cost of living with it…
    then you live with it.
    you think it’s bad in hollywood? you should see how many mistakes happen in the places that prepare your food or happen in the operation rooms in your hospitals… people f’k up… it happens.

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