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  • in reply to: Best fluorescent lights for white background #211938

    oh…sorry i didnt represented the model name.


    that is

    This kit comes with,
    3 FL-110HMD non-dimmable 5400K fixtures. 3 LSLD 6 light stands.


    in reply to: Blocking sunlight #211900

    i think we can block sunlight by three methoda

    1.fill flash

    2.shooting int the shade

    3.find a reflector

    in reply to: Shooting Tips for Home Video Newbies? #211899

    i'd like to suggest five points. creative

    2.Control the Amount of Light Available

    3.shot should be steady

    4.Lining Up Audio,Choosing a Great Soundtrack

    5.cut the scene closely

    in reply to: Which resolution to use? #211893

    the resolution of 5D Mrk III is 1040k dots and GoPro Hero 4 Silver Shoots very high resolution 4K (4096×2160) video but at a lower frame rate. so i think the resolution ll defenitely change.

    in reply to: Best fluorescent lights for white background #211892

    i recommend you to try this lighting kit from flolight. it comes with three light fixtures and three 6′ light stands. This is the kit we used in the video shoot for the same aatmosphere.

    in reply to: How To: Outdoor Shoots (light control) #211881

    ok…i ll give  you tips for this,

    1.use the smallest aperture your video camera allows up your shutter speed to dim your footage

    3.increase the frame rate in your camera to let less light in

    4.decrease your video camera gain.

    5)deduce the video noise in post with filters

    in reply to: Making deals with small retailers #211880

    a little marketing sense is needed to make discounts and offers. calculate your sales per day and and compare that with a if total sale made in one day. now you can deside the discount. time is money

    in reply to: What Temprature is the Base for the Sensor? #211875

    I am interesting on base color temperature. any DSLR´s use equal number of light sensible cells with red and blue filters and the double with green ones. The light sensitive cells and their filters have constant physical properties, including the base ISO sensibility. they call this colour temperature as sensor base color temperature.
    I guess that temperature will be around the daylight one.

    in reply to: Wedding Lighting on Camera? #211865

    so all you want is a light system  for wedding photography,right?.  wedding photography without lighting system will reduce the quality of the photography. here are my recommendations for lighting system to  take wedding photos.

    they are,

    cowboystudio 220 watt photo studio monolight strobe kit, it is suitable for budget and it is available in three typesof power supply.


    in reply to: What are these types of videos made in? #211844
    i think these special text effects are done with premiere pro. because the readability of these images are very clear. so i guess it is due to premiere pro


    it may be caused by high bandwith of your video. because youtube compresses the long bandwidth videos. so that your video quality may be downgraded. youtube have to keep its bandwidth. i think this is the main cause for this issue


    in reply to: Ideal camera for bicycle touring #211842
    Helmet cameras are popular cycling accessory. Recording your rides gives you the ability to edit, chop and create great films so you can show friends and family.and it also gives you ammunition should you have to prove your version of events in the case of a collision. it just a part of your filming. and i also like to say you cant do whole film within the hel cam.


    in reply to: Remedies For Sticking Tripod Head? #211827

    I advice you to set all the knobs in tight position. And little oil or grease may also help to lubricate.

    in reply to: Why Do Videos Stall Or Buffer? #211826

    Delete cookies in your browser from settings and try again. Sometimes high traffic can also be the reason for this issue.

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