GoPro Plus now offers unlimited storage of uncompressed video

GoPro Plus, the $5 subscription cloud storage service, is expanding to offer unlimited video storage. Unlimited storage was previously only offered for photos.

However, what’s probably even more important is that the service will offer unlimited storage at native resolution. That means that, even if you’re shooting 4K video, it won’t be compressed. Now, you just can’t add any video you want. It has to be shot with a GoPro. However, CEO Nick Woodman promises there are no other “asterisks.” “Unlimited means unlimited,” Woodman told the Verge.

“There’s no transcoding going on — like none — and there’s no degradation of image quality,” Woodman said about the new offering. “Your GoPro photos and video are going to go up to your Plus cloud account in their original bitrate with no transformation whatsoever.”

Unlimited storage without any downgrading

So now GoPro will offer unlimited storage for both video and photos, and there’s won’t be any downgrading of quality. Google already offers unlimited storage for videos and photos, but its algorithm compresses any image above 16 MP. If you want to keep the original quality, you’d have to pay Google.

What videos can be uploaded to Plus?

As said before, the videos and photos you upload have to be shot with a GoPro. But, if you make an edit in Quik and mix GoPro footage with videos from your phone, that can still be uploaded.


Plus is staying at $5 a month despite this update. Also, GoPro is increasing the discount on accessories from 20 to 50 percent. If you buy a lot from GoPro, you could be saving enough to cover Plus for a few months.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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