Atomos announces Connect
Image courtesy: Atomos

Today, Atomos launches Connect, a bridge between 4K video capture and high frame rate UVC streaming over USB. According to Atomos, it’s an “affordable way for gamers, vloggers and education facilities to up their streaming game using the professional Atomos monitor-recorder ecosystem.”

It looks simple enough to use and offers universal support for popular streaming platforms. That would include platforms like YouTube, Twitch and OBS. What you do is use an Atomos device for shot setup and recording. Then you use Connect to convert the HDMI output to USB on Mac or PC. Connect does accept up to 4Kp30 video and is capable of up to 1080p60 output over USB.

Atomos Connect
Atomos Connect. Image courtesy: Atomos

Atomos Connect offers conversion on the go

Atomos claims Connect is highly portable and not difficult to use with your standard setup. It has a slim 0.5-inch profile, allowing it to sit directly off a laptop or desktop. No drives or power supplies are required. Essentially, you just need to connect an Atomos or HDMI device to a Mac or PC.

Image courtesy: Atomos

Shogun7 Connect

When you pair the Shogun7 with Connect, Atomos claims the pair allows for an easy multi-camera streaming setup. The Atomos Shogun7 allows you to monitor and record up to four 1080p60 streams simultaneously. Additionally, you can cue and switch in real-time with a touch of the screen. The Shogun7 is able to accept asynchronous feeds as well. So, when you add in Connect, you can output the switched feed for live streaming on your Mac or PC.

Turn your camera into a webcam

If you don’t have one of the company’s monitor-recorder, you can still use Connect to turn your r HDMI camera to a webcam. You don’t need drives. You just need to plug in Connect and go live.

Pricing and availability

The Atomos Connect is out now for $79.