YouTube lowers the quality of my videos

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      Hi guys. I started YT not a long time ago, and I have ongoing issue.
      I don’t know why, but YT cuts the quality of my videos, makes them blurry and greyish.
      There’s 2 screenshots. 1st is from my video on my pc. 2nd one is from YT (1080p)

      #1 –
      #2 –

      My recording (OBS) and rendering (Vegas) settings

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      I don’t think it matters how you rendered it. Youtube compresses video to save space. The same thing is visible on my mp4 HD youtube videos but only when viewed full screen. In smaller formats it’s not noticeable.

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      Don’t worry about your rendering. It’s all about Youtube, they compress our videos.

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        But I saw the other YouTubers (and not only the big ones) and they have that crisp look on their videos

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        The other youtube videos you saw might have been sharper than yours to begin with.
        4K on youtube looks noticeably sharper. Look at 4K videos and then change the youtube resolution to HD and you see the difference. But you have to shoot and render in 4K. It sometimes takes a couple of tries in uploading for youtube to display it with the 4K option. I’ve had youtube display it as HD only, and had to delete it and re-upload it for it to be available in 4K.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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