Yet another suggestion ask thread!! Beginner, indoor band shoots, under $1000

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      Hi everyone,

      I’m debating between an DSLR or camcorder. Did a bunch of searches, found a bunch of similar posts, but also found much of the information overwhelming, if not at times subjective.

      I’d like to shoot musical performances (mostly indoor), home videos, random stock footage, and be able to extract decent stills, or just shoot them.

      I will mainly be editing in Premiere Pro on a Macbook Pro. Spinning Drive (7200 RPM). Final product will usually be youtube-quality mp4’s, but I do like to have the higher res files for possible later rendering at higher quality.

      I need the camera to have a 3.5 audio jack, not a proprietary jack that needs an adapter.

      I don’t need 4k but I also wouldn’t pass it up.

      Some band shoots may go over an hour. Will that preclude a DSLR?

      My budget is $1000. If I can’t get what I want for that, what can I get that comes close and is easily available on Amazon?

      Thanks for any help.

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      A dslr will not take continuous footage for more than 29 minutes, so if you want to shoot for longer than that with the camera unattended that lets out the dslr’s.

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      Hmm…..okay. Can you recommend a camcorder that does well in low light situations? I was thinking to try the sony AX33 until I read quite a few threads that talked about its poor performance indoors. I’d also like to be able to either shoot or extract decent stills.

      It seems like in my price range I either have to sacrifice run time (and get a DSLR) or sacrifice video clarity in indoor settings.

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      To extract decent stills you need 4K. It’s difficult to find a good camcorder in your price range. I’d say look at the video samples and reviews on youtube for any camcorder you are contemplating buying. That’s why people use dslr’s or bridge cameras and do multiple clips rather than one long one.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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