Will Panasonic ever consider producing another Micro 4/3 cinema camera AF100?

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      There’s a large gap in the Panasonic lineup between the $1500 and the $6500 EVA1. I own the and while it is an awesome camera, I would really love to have the ergonomics and extra features (built-in NDs, XLR inputs) that a proper cinema camera could bring.

      The AF100 was a great idea for a camera, but it never seemed to take off. That was 8-9 years ago and the market has changed. I’d love to see Panasonic try to hit the $3-4k price point with a camera like this…basically a or in a cinema camera housing.

      So many people (myself included) would just love a C100-type cinema camera with 4K capabilities in the $3-4k price range. There is really no camera other than the Sony FS5 that comes close to this.

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