Which video editing prog of those listed can do my listed tasks ?

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      I see the following:-
      womble dvd wizard
      Vegas Movie Studio 15 platinum trial 16aug2018
      Video editor power director 16 trial 16aug2018
      video editor magix movie edit pro plus trial 16aug2018

      Which would I find intuitive and capable of the following tasks :-
      I have 4K footage from my camcorder I wish to cut unwanted segments from then create a final 4K video file for playing on my PC.
      I also need do de-interlace a few recordings to see if I can lose the haircombe effect on edges of moving objects that way. Maybe need to do so on everything I make for a flatscreen tv.
      I have .mpg files to edit and save as .mpg
      I have mp4 files to edit and save as mp4 or mpg, whatever is best.
      The ability to view the footage same quality as just a video player would display, no lower qlty mode only for speed. (as an option ok)
      Ability to scrub fwd and backward, also frame by frame control both ways.
      capture a still image such that a circle is still a circle in photoshop would be most welcome, retaining the greyscale values of what I was viewing.
      add extra sound tracks and video tracks, add sound fades, adjust volume, easily., add transitions.

      I have used Premiere Pro CS3, for simple editing, I did lay in a music track or 4 onto stills and some video for a friends promo dvd.



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      it depends on the type of editing you want to do. Some of those are for the home hobbiest who wants to string a few shots together. 4K usually means you will be cropping and moving things about, doing loads of processing and effects and dealing with multi line syncs and probably nested sequences so you can render things relatively quickly to see full quality images. I use Premiere, and wouldn’t;t consider any of the ones you suggest. They probably are quite good, but all will have limits. Why not try the trials and see if they do what you need/

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      I have Premiere Pro CS3 already.
      looks like opening 4k into Premiere, and I have CS3, isnt so straightforward.
      CS3 might be so good at 4K either, and upgrading to CC isnt an option, I cannot go paying per month though for a prog I rarely use, and although I have a 4K camcorder, and loads of jpg editing to do, its still a small proportion of what I do in a day. I still will not commit to cloud and latest versions and be sucked into never owning and always renting something ad infinitum. Adobe have spoilt the use of their progs with subs, it assumes one is a heavy user and making a profit.

      I havent use it for 5 years so imagine all that outlay for nothing.


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      Get up and running with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019. I’m hoping it’s better than before.

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      PS3 is ancient! they’d not really gone past 1080 when it was popular, and many codecs weren’t invented back then. if you can’t afford pro software, then go for the home versions you started with. however – the huge file sizes, huge amounts of fast data to shove about suggest that your computer and storage will also cost real money. 4K video on the cheap rarely works nicely.

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      If you have a decent computer have a look at the free version of DaVinci Resolve from Blackmagic Design. It can do everything you require except burn DVDs or Blueray. For those you will need a separate programme.

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      Hi, CC…I cant and wont go paying subs per month, ok if one is using that prog all the time and able to charge folk for work, bit its not my primary usage, probably about 2% averaged out, thats where subs mode is a bad move, I might use it on a project then not get another chance for 6 months. When Adobe went subs mode they killed their progs for me, I am still on Pshop CS6. I use so many different progs without charging for work, as its for myself, the assumption by developers that we use one prog and will pay per month for it is so wrong. I will pay a one off fee for ownership.

      I will look at free DaVinci Resolve.

      I now am experimenting with getting usable stills from 4K for photogrammetry so such is a key requirement from the video prog.


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      photogrammetry – no idea what this is.

      On the subscription front, it seems a lot, but I vowed I’d not do it, and having gone through so many versions now, and having access to so much – for me, it’s worth it. However – if you had bough premiere CS6, it was extremely expensive for a single project or two – so nothing’s really changed has it? Apart from you being stuck in the past. What price technological advancement. DaVinci is very good, gets good reports. Worth a go. I suspect 4K won’t be quite so nice as you imagine.

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      Hi Photogrammetry is the science of creating 3D meshes and CAD curves from photos.
      I need my chosen video editor to de-interlace footage I have. I see DaVinciResolve is unable to de-interlace, from what I can see the $300 one has that ability. Yet deinterlacing is so needed, I guess they are clever making sure you have to buy it.

      I just cannot go paying per month for progs I rarely use for month after month, not when I am mounting up debts month after month just to pay the daily bills, due to a pension that is linked to a salary that was frozen in time as a publicity stunt (its what the public want) but then never unfrozen, and the public never knew about it and couldnt give a f*** anyway). I will never rent or pay for something I never own, others with lack of funds feel strongly about this also, we have to be very frugal, if I had to pay monthly for all the progs I use, not for profit, I would be bankrupt in a few yrs.
      Looks like DaVinci putting a vital tool, unless we wish to watch toothcomb motion, in the non free one have made a move denying those without funds and needing decent video a barrier to using their prog. I am gutted as it looked so good.

      De-interlacing is a much needed tool so folk, beware DaVinci cant provide that for free.
      It will have to be power director it seems, and I really liked what daVinci had to offer.

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      Hi, I have also discovered that DaVinci cannot make still images, not without some long winded method for each one, that has me shot down within 2 mins of its first ever use, I need to hit a hotkey capture the frame I am on as a still image, to a predetermined location set up in prefs, then hit that key again and again as I play the video, NOT having to name it, choose export, export it, and so on each and every time, it must capture without interupting my watching of the video, if I choose to pause and go fwd or backward frame by frame to get to an exact spot, it must also work . DV as a video player has no pause button and frame by frame is awkward using keys K and L and K and J. To do a frame still one has to slice the video with a cutting tool, so one method says, another says right click and choose from a drop down list, thats going to take forever to capture 100’s of stills.
      It didnt install fully saying failed to install davinci resolve panels. Then I get a red windows warning shield drivers not approved etc, so choose dont install.
      What a let down for something so advanced and free.


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        Why didn’t you decide to try installing the driver again?

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      I am stunned by the inability of all video editors I have looked at to be able to make stills from a video as easy as video players make them, i.e. hit a hotkey still is made, video carries on playing. no fiddling about with a cursor, and menus to find make still in. If Video players can do it why cant a far more advanced program manage it.

      They all are incapable of even allowing the user to hit a hotkey again and again, with the image being captured, without interrupting the viewing with a panel asking for a filename and location, many involve the user having to place the cursor on a frame, then use a menu.
      One that looked promising refuses to capture the image as the same size as 4K, reducing it to HD, and the workaround is long winded involving a menu and cutting up the video clip into bits (PowerDirector17). That was so alarming to discover as it looked good as a prog. Archaic.
      a videoplayer plays 4K and captures stills as 4K in a second with a hotkey hit, so why cant PD do that ?

      DaVinciResolve….unable to capture lots of stills during play, involves slicing up the video into frames.
      PowerDirector Ctrl P makes stills with no dialog box.GOOD but are reduced to HD if playing 4K, use freezeframe if 4K, but then same as DaVinci manually slice up into bits.
      Magix, fails on basic layer order that on top is the video to be hidden, counter intuitive.
      AviDemux ..involves menu to choose make still from.
      VideoPad..involves menu to choose make still from.
      Lightworks..involves menu to choose make still from.
      Corel Video Studio Ultimate..bad reviews choppy etc when previous versions were not so.
      Lightroom..involves menu to choose make still from.

      Premiere Pro CC rent not buy…forget it ! only viable if its my #1 prog for common use, not use once a month or less.
      Vegas..some hope..a user has had to make a script to maybe do so where the developers have no means of making a still.

      all in all the simple act of making stills (plural !!!) defeats all these video editing progs. Pathetic.

      Hope I have overlooked one that has lots of editing tools and is capable, so what can do this ?


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      Possibly because they are video editors and not still capture programmes. It’s a case of use the appropriate software for the particular job. DaVinci Resolve can capture stills with one keystroke in the Colour Grading section but these are used for copying grades to multiple clips.
      Where is the problem in using a video player to capture all your stills into a dedicated folder and then using that as a source in your NLE?
      I think your rant is unfounded.
      I have been a Resolve user for the last two years.

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      <<Where is the problem in using a video player to capture all your stills into a dedicated folder and then using that as a source in your NLE? >>

      That paid for editors are unable to capture stills and instead relying on other free progs is just so surprising. Full of all sorts of gizmos and yet cant manage that.

      Simply that the players lack frame backward and fwd controls, hence need to use video editors who have that control.

      By the time you react to a frame you need its gone past, but getting back to it is not easy as they dont like going backwards. This has been the biggest problem for years, they dont see users as needing to go backwards, and video editors can but dont see users as needing to capture stills or stills of same quality.

      Further testing sees situation worse, Power Director 17 does not capture stills at same quality as original footage, with png or bmp ; and jpg is set for compression so no use at all.
      Vegas Movie Studio 16 lacks a hotkey and involves stopping play, then a right click and use menu and save box for each capture so again no good for multiple stills. Also alarmingly and rendering it useless is that it reduces 4K to HD.

      There simply is nothing out there capable of fwd backward and same as original multiple stills capture,.however another I am now aware of is Potplayer so lets hope that can do it and put the editors to shame.


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      It all depends on the type of editing you want to do.

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      Yeah, it all depends, but I’d put Movavi software https://www.movavi.com/photo-to-dvd-slideshow/ in your list just because it takes me nothing to create many effects in videos I’m making.

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      I’ll repeat some of the other’s quotes, but it depends on the type of editing you wanna do. I personally use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019. Besides DaVinci Resolve is an option too, but I found it uncomfortable to use after CC.

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      I use CS6 Premiere Pro and Audition and Photoshop. I have tried some of the CC versions but CS6 works better with my older i7 3Ghz computer with 16 GB of RAM and a video card with 2GB RAM. It has a simple still frame capture tool (click the camera icon) and captures 3840×2160 still from 4K. I think you need to pause the footage to use it but I’m not sure. It advances or retreats a frame at a time. It deinterlaces clips as well. I use it to edit and export 4K footage. It slows down considerably if you don’t render effects. Personally I render just a few seconds of sequence to see if it looks good, then copy the effects to the rest of the sequence and export it without rendering it. It is laid out and works much like Photoshop. There are places where you can download the CS6 trial version and there are ways to disable the trial clock. If you do your own research you can find them.

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